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Worst ever news as a villa Fan ?

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My "worst ever news" are all connected:

1) That Andy Gray & John Gidman were to be sold was devastating.

2) That Ron Saunders had resigned felt like my world had ended

3) That Ron Saunders was to become small heaths manager. See 2)

4) That doug Ellis was buying the club. See 2)

5) That Tony Barton had died. See 4) for the Bastard that sacked him.

All of the above, thanks Mike saved me some time!

6) Mcleish even being linked let alone appointed.

7) Being relegated in 87

9) Signing and watching Heskey ruin almost every game he played in.

10) The horrible sound of Alex Cropley's leg break.

11) Brian Little both retiring injured and leaving as manger.

Ah **** it, all of the above adversity is what has helped strengthen my life long love for Villa and besides which if we can get through Mcleish we can get through anything.

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Mine was the Dwight Yorke saga; I'd idolised Yorkie since he arrived at Villa and was by far my favourite player at the time. We made him the player he was but all summer 1998 we had this ongoing farce and Fergie tapping him up at every opportunity. When I think back it was probably inevitable that he would leave but I lost a lot of interest in football in general after that one happened; especially when he effectively went on strike in the game against Everton. But at least we replaced him with Merson and Dublin, two of the best players I have seen play for the club.

The Barry and Milner sagas were just disappointing from a fans perspective, you could tell they were just after the money.

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Bosnich leaving, my favorite player as a kid watching him walk then destroy his career the way he did was disappointing, yorke leaving the way he did, not even trying for us in his last game, I wad pissed off with young, milner Barry leaving but at the same time old enough to see why they walked. Mcleish not only taking the job but then saying we have to be realistic and accept defeat did we weren't good enough to compete. Maybys jpa leaving just via if the emotion of his final interview when he left, he wad clise to tears when he said we will always be in his heart.

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-Hmm.!! Yorke going the Judas route, the day I hated Manure "fans" even more, if that's even possible.

-Enkelman's shambles against the noses and their double against us.

-The team with the worst record against Manure in the Premier League.

-Being so close under Gregory and completely capitulating (utter frustration).

-Nearly signing Juninho.


-MON & Milner jumping ship in the same week.

-AmcL speculation up to him signing as manager.

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Thought about this long and hard and although I have been a fan for nearly 40 years, apart from us being relegated in the late 80's and the 3-0 home loss to the shite(Enklemann game) it has to be McLeish getting the managers job. Anyone could see it was a a disastarous appointment given his track record,style of football, previous club, and general charm. It also proved that the current board, truthfully didn't give a shit about the fan's views as long as the money was still coming through the turnstiles, and that the bright future promised was suddenly not so bright.

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