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  1. 1. Will Villa Go Down?

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If we don't score more goals than last season then we'll be in for a struggle and the only way of doing that is to bring in quality, no matter how much better the passing game is under Lambert. But I still have hopes that Carroll and maybe Johnson could be on their way and they would make a big difference. I'm not getting carried away with this result because I always felt it was a tougher opener than it looked on paper as promoted teams will have the extra bounce in their step as well as massive crowd backing - we also seemed to be having to pick square pegs in round holes a bit because Lambert hasn't been able to get rid of Hutton and Warnock yet. Have a bit of patience because it will be a slow turnaround for the club.

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It's not beyond the realms of doubt. I feel we're going to flirt it with it again, at least.

The team isn't good enough, being thin and weak, and far too much of it is unproven in the league. Theres no guarentees the manager is going to be a raving success either, as he's reasonably unproven too.

I don't think we will go down, but there will be squeeky bum time at some point this season.

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I think Mantis makes a point. If we had battled to a one nil win yesterday then would a "top six!" thread have been appropriate?

Pleasent enough to read, but the answer would no.

You need to create chances in order to battle to a 1-0 win.

Creating goals and scoring goals was a massive issue last year and definetly played a part in our final points total. Last year it was put down to negative tactics and setting the team up to defend first. Our approach might be different this year but the result could still be the same.

If you don't create chances or score goals we aren't going to win games.

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We can't score, play too narrow, have a weak midfield, and dodgy full backs

Add all that together and the big R comes into the equation

I think we'll know more after 6 games

Hahaha almost 10k of post and I finally find myself in full agreement with CI

I really hope our worries are put to rest this week with some new signings.

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Im already thinking we will struggle badly, its a case of looking and finding 3 teams worse than us agaib (which I think there is). But what a shitty outlook we have to bare for our club.

Need players in quickly. Scott Sinclair should be looked at, need some pace and creativity again because without it we're below average. I do think when Gabby and Dunne return we'll be improved despite their poor performances over the last 2 seasons.

Lowton/Baker - Vlaar - Dunne - Clark I would be more comfortable with than what we had yesterday

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Don't know why people say "it's just one game"?

We've been shite for a few seasons now and the squad is just as weak as last season, maybe weaker.

Sure, McLeish is gone and replaced by Lambert who most fans seem to rate highly but this is a huge test for him.

We might not have the worst squad in the league, but we may have the squad with the worst balance.

1 proper winger (Albrighton) who rarely beats his man and is now injured.

Loads of small midfielders (Delph, Bannan, N'Zogbia, Ireland, Makoun?,with very little end product who really aren't specially good at anything.

Due to a lack of service we've managed to do what no PL-defence have been able to do, stop Darrent Bent from scoring goals.

And the defence is just a joke. I like the look of Vlaar and i wan't to like Clark, but the rest are not reliable enough.

Given was abysmal in the Euros and was hampered by injury, but then again he seem to be that a lot these days.

Ad to this that Villa Park has become the friendliest place in the PL were teams can come and pick up points as they please and i think that this tread is more than warranted.

There is no quick fix bar spending huge amounts of money, but i think a lot of our problems would be solved by finding a physical midfielder in the mould of Fellaini as this would let the atacking players focus on that part of the game instead of having to chase and defend.

Atm we look more like Paul Lamberts toothless lions and having a proud history won't help. Just ask Nottingham Forest

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We lost 1-0 to a Big Sam team who were playing at home. It's almost to be expected, you cant create many chances vs those kinds of teams and it was their first game back in the prem. We have 3 guys in from the Dutch league who (I imagine) dont have to deal with football like West Hams in the Eredivisie, they will adjust.

We'll finish top half. Ridiculous thread.

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With our present squad relegation is certainly more of a possibility than finishing top six.

We still have two main weaknesses. Lack of goals scored and conceding too many. Now please correct me if I'm wrong but does not history tell us that teams with those weaknesses normally end up being relegated? It has been no fluke that we have flirted with relegation for the past two seasons and changing the manager isn't going to change any of that unless substantial investment is made in the team.

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Thing is, we lost 1-0, but it was very close to being 3-0 or 4-0, one off the line, penalty claim, cole missed chances etc

Whereas in return we had one tame effort from 45 yards out

Worrying, we must set up different for everton for sure

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I think we'll be fine against Everton. Home advantage, expectant crowd, and hopefully a few new faces. I'm pretty sure Lambert will learn from this defeat and make the necessary changes.

The West 'Aaam game can probably just be written off as a bad day at the office. Playing a promoted team away from home on the first game of the season is always difficult and the tactics unfortunately played right into their game plan. We won't be the only team to lose there by that scoreline this season; they will score many flukey goals like they did and then shut up shop, its the Big Fat Sam way.

So onwards and upwards!

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Ennis doesn't do it for me, I like a woman with a body that doesn't resemble a teenage boy that has been going to the gym for a few months.

Anyway, I don't see us getting relegated, but I do see us finishing bottom half, I have no problem with that given the current team and resources available.

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