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20 league goals??


Can JPA grap the elusive 20?  

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  1. 1. Can JPA grap the elusive 20?

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    • No

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that's SUPERB :lol:

I GOTTA steal that one...............


just when you forget, when it wears off, -I watched the ITV Red ship on the other night and the sight of the sty -- honestly it turns me into Mr froth at the mouth. I feckin hate them. I do, I'm not proud of it, but I feckin hate small heath. Meet some of the fans in a pub or wherever and I can happily chat away, but I feckin hate the entity that is small heath, utter utter....agghhh.

Vermingham. 'zackly.

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bloody hell elvis - thought you'd disappeared like your namesake

Welcome back !


Hibernating mate...................foooookin cold around manc......should be a bit warmer tomorrow when the riot is going through town.

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