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Roll Call - Who is going to the 1st home game of the season?


Where will you be for the first game of the season?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will you be for the first game of the season?

    • At Villa Park, of course!
    • Watching it in a pub
    • Watching at home
    • Will be following it on mobile/by radio
    • Won't be watching the game

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So who is going? I genuinely can't wait for the season to begin.

Last season had very few highlights - from the perspective of a Villa fan and in personal circumstances.

I literally only made it to 2 games last season and both were before I started a part time post graduate course (in addition to working full time) so the weekends were crammed full of studying. I'm currently in a week of exams but then don't have any more classes until September! 8)

And of course, the dross that was served up all season. Granted, the 3-1 opener against Blackburn (which I attended) was great - but there are very few other highlights. Chelsea away on new years eve, a notable exception!

The time is nearly here, for those lucky enough to get to East London this weekend or for those who can't, Saturday 25th August!

I'm in L2 for the game (a little bit too off centre for my liking but I left it late), I always had a ST in L4.

Roll on the first game at Villa Park for the new season! :cheers:

Edit: Poll is supposed to state, "first home game" - would be grateful if a mod could change. Thanks

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I'll be there if the club actually send me my season ticket through in time! Shocking that I still haven't had it despite finishing paying my installments nearly a month ago.

Got bored earlier so did a check on how many tickets had been sold to date according to the OS, 32,389 including the away fans.

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Becoming increasingly excited as the day draws nearer. I think I might explode when they emerge from tunnel. If you happen to be standing/sitting next to me on Saturday, I apologise for that in advance.

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Gave my long standing season ticket up last season, haven't renewed this either. That said, I went to West Ham last weekend and i'm going to Everton tomorrow

But that's it. No more tickets booked or planned as yet. And the way things are going with the board they're not likely to be either. Not lining their pockets again until I see some positive action from them.

I shall support from home though

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