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Speculation: Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord)


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I can't believe you're stealing one of our players again. I could have coped with only El Ahmadi leaving but Villa are starting to piss me off.

Our captain Ron Vlaar was at Villa Park today to discuss terms with your club. Negotiations between clubs will start within the next coming days. He is 27 years old, good with both feet and long range passes to wingers and strong in the air. Physically he is quite similar to Richard Dunne...not very quick when is needs to turn but okay with pace when running in a straight line.

I have my doubt whether he could match up to PL strikers but he's been immense for us the past few seasons. He had a couple of very bad knee injuries in 2007 and 2008 but these problems seems to have gone.

He still has 2 years left on his contract.

2004/05 AZ 3 0 Eredivisie

2005/06 AZ 7 0 Eredivisie

2005/06 Feyenoord 16 0 Eredivisie

2006/07 Feyenoord 20 1 Eredivisie

2007/08 Feyenoord 4 1 Eredivisie

2008/09 Feyenoord 0 0 Eredivisie

2009/10 Feyenoord 32 4 Eredivisie

2010/11 Feyenoord 26 2 Eredivisie

2011/12 Feyenoord 34 0 Eredivisie

Total: 142 8

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Cheers OP.

Understand your frustration.

As a token of goodwill. please accept any one from Hutton, Warnock, Collins and Dunne.

I would say take them all, but I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


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Can't see it being cheap as he's your captain. You can have James collins off us if you like....

He renewed his contract last year against all odds (We had one of our worst seasons ever in 2010/11) so there may be a release clause for a foreign club. Even if there isn't a release clause, I would think 5 million will deffo get accepted looking at our financial situation. If we can get 5 million pounds for him we are back to financial stability without any debts.

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Though if we were to take a defender from Feijenoord I'd rather de Vrij, though he'd need to bulk up a lot.

He does need to bulk up but I don't think it will happen. He's been a starter now for 3 years and still a skinny guy. He is only 20 however so he could still do some work. We have another great prospect in Bruno Martins Indi who is very similar to De Vrij and also skinny.

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I don't mean to tempt fate but I wonder if anyone else is in for him. After all he's an established international and club captain, and could have a release clause by what the chap said above. I'd be surprised if we were the only ones.

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Within purple you also said don't take Karim who looks quality.

I said I'd have him, but as backup. One game against Burton is hardly a good measure.

Martins Indi does look a bit bulkier than de Vrij to be fair, but I do think de Vrij is the brighter talent (also reflected in his starts, as you said as opposed to Indi being a backup).

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£5mil and Collins/Hutton would sound like a good deal :D

Don't listen to what we say on here Feyenoord, Alan Hutton is brilliant...honest. :)

We are fine with defenders and midfielders...we could however do with a striker. Are u happy to get rid of Delfouneso?

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