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Breaking Bad (may contain SPOILERS)


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I can't figure out if I am supposed to sympathise with Skyler or not because her character is just too annoying this season.

Nobody likes her. She just wallows around in self pity.

That's the best thing about her character though, I mean it is kind of annoying but that's only because you're so invested in the show.

I love the fact that I have mixed feelings about her. I think she's perfectly balanced. She's not the victim here and she's not perfect herself. You want to feel sorry for her but you just can't accept some of the choices she has made and the things she has done. It's exactly the same for Walt. I normally end up rooting for him but he's turning into such a psychotic bad ass it's hard to see him as a good guy anymore.

Jesse is absolutely the hero of the story now, and I think it's going to come down to him vs. Walt. Whoever survives, the ending will be brilliant. I want them both to obviously but I just can't see Walt coming back from this. I think Jesse will survive.

I love the fact that not only can I not predict how this is all going to end, but I'm also absolutely confident that whatever happens will be the right ending.

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I'm backing the show to end with Jesse killing Walt.

I love how they are setting us up for a Scarface type ending but no way it'll end like that.

I'm thinking a There Will Be Blood thing. Walt kills Jesse (and everyone else, directly or indirectly), then goes right back to work in his lab, living alone in his empire with only his ego.

That, or he turns out to be an alien and has actually been perfecting blue meth to power and/or destroy the spacecraft his former copilot stole and used to derive the technologies that made Gray Matter so successful.

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