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Petition for the return of James 'The King' Milner


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It is a time of great change at AVFC. We have seen the arrival of some new faces and expect the inevitable departure of some too. There is a new feeling of hope and optimism around B6, one that has not been present for over two years now, and as such I feel that we are in great need of a defining moment.

The squad lacks leadership, it lacks drive and determination, but most importantly of all, it lacks really, really square jaws.

All of these issues, and many more, can be solved with the return of 'The King' to Villa Park. Yes, he - the one true James - will lead us to greatness once more.

So at this time, I propose a petition for the return of our prodigal son. The obvious love between the Aston Villa faithful and Sir James of Milner can not be suppressed any more!

Make your voices heard!

Allow me to go first: I, Regular_John, of sound mind and body, request the immediate return of James Milner to Aston Villa Football Club.

Mods: Can we please add a poll?

"On a scale of 1-10, how much would you like James Milner to return to Aston Villa?"

The choices should be "9" and "10".

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Its always nice to put a bit of balance in there.

wouldn't bust a gut to get him myself, thought we swum the channel when we got 25 mill.

very busy player and whole hearted, bit lightweight for me and tends to run up blind alleys....loses posession a bit too easily for me.

I would say his endeavour as noble as it is sometimes clouds his judgement.

I can think of many midfield players who have graced villa park who I would favour above " mr grimsdale"

Ps If Paul Lambert wants him I will bow to his better judgement.

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This is a joke right? I'd have him back here of course, but you're not really starting a petition are you?

Yes, Yes I am.

Also, I mocked up a squad photo for next season with James Milner back in it. Let me know what you all think...


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Lord, give me strength......

I would welcome James back....I don't think he was the player that left Villa, that being said; he would still get my approval.

But a petition...Seriously. It is a wind up right. ?

I think a lot of Villa fans find it hard to let go. Milner is in the past I'm afraid.

This is a new era under Lambert, and with that comes a new direction.

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Christ, sense of humour bypass or what.

Yep, some serious case of sandy vaginas going down.

All hail King James and his impending triumphant return to the fair land of B6 following his recent slaying of a personal dragon. The medal dragon. He'll also bring a decent bit of the Sand Emperor's gold back with him.

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Haha I love that team photo :D Imagine the work rate of that team?

I like how we talk about wanting Milner back in every close season. He's like the girl we loved who's now with the successful rich partner, but they don't treat her right and bore her, make her sit on the bench and give her shiny medals that her and her work-rate mind feel they didn't earn themselves.

James Milner, please come back and be the Obi-wan to Gary Gardners' Luke Skywalker.

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We've been shit ever since Milner left! He was awesome for us in centre mid. Old Stevie "Don't worry Villa fans, I'm better than Milner anyway" Ireland hasn't even replaced a quarter of what Milner used to do for us! Infact, speaking of Ireland, I'm still baffled at how some of you lot managed to help vote Ireland as player of the season, ahead of Shay!

Back to Milner, unfortunately, we can only dream about his return. I'd have him back here any day. If he was surplus to requirements at City and we tried to lure him back, does anyone honestly think he'd come back? I don't. I think he'd rather try to stay and fight for his place amongst the City subs bench than come back here. Imagine if we would have had Bent 18 months beforehand. I have no doubt that we would have qualified for the Champions League! Oh well, we can always dream!

Save us Jimmy! :)

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I think there might actually be 3% of my manly body that is in love with James Milner....

absolutely gutted when he left and still don't like seeing him in a Citeh shirt...

not to mention the countless times i defended him during the Euros to my mates while Young avoided any criticism whatsoever...

get him back on loan with the option to buy for 12m and give him the captaincy

Make it soooooooooo Lambooooooooooooo

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