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General Transfer speculation thread with guff from Twitter

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Bent and Benteke as our main pairing, with Weimann and Bowery as back-up, seems to make sense letting Fonz out on loan and I reckon that will probably be the last we see of him.

We've brought in a good amount of players, whether we agree with them all or not is a different question, but hopefully they'll all put in 100% effort and begin the Lambert revolution that we all wish for.

Look forward to seeing the new lads in action next weekend !

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Don't really know about "straight away"

But thats our issue.

I know good players come from the leagues 1 and 2 and i'm confident some of the ones we've signed this window will turn into quality premier league players.

But we need them to be good enough this season.

Thats why i was asking about examples in the past.

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