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General Transfer speculation thread with guff from Twitter


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We have a better LB than last year, we have a better RB than last year, we have a better CB than last year, we have better striking options than last year and if the deal for Westwood goes through along with KEA will have far better energy and mobility in the middle of the park than last year.

That means we now have a better team than last year in almost every respect and we have a better manager.

This has been done by spending £20m, course we could have spent that money on one or two players and perhaps got better players in those two areas but then of course we'd still be **** in all the other areas.

Not really sure what people want but this has been a good transfer window and not only do we have a better team the last year but one with longevity and one that can be added to because we havent spent a fortune in doing so now all we need is all the fans to get onside.

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