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Speculation: Yacine Brahimi (Rennes)


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Also, I would include Herd and Lichaj in the "home grown" list and they're not British in the least. So what happens there? Do they count as "cheerable" in this crazy little scenario?

If not we are talking xenophobia. Definitely.

Edit - Yes again I am aware Lichaj has only been at the club 4 years. But he had to work hard to make it here and you can tell he has improved immensely. I remember his début for the reserves and being a little, umm, concerned.

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I don't care where the players are from as long as they can pass accurately a bit further than the distance beteween 2 adjacent Belisha beacons.

...as of recent seasons we have struggled with this exacting task with our "british made" lot.

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No, no it's not.

It's hysterical responses like yours that make me so furious about the loony political correctness that has swamped our society over the last 10 years.

It is a perfectly valid argument to suggest that a team may be stronger with a spine of home grown players. Of course it doesn't always bear true, but a reasonable stance for someone to take without having the term racist bandied about.

Frankly I find your accusation incredibly offensive and if I was the OP it was aimed at would have been absolutely furious. I mainly just lurk these threads but outrageous statements like the one you have made make me incandescent. I am afraid you are talking utter, utter shite.

I hope you sleep on it and come back and retract your comment tomorrow.

Suffice at this point to say: I disagree.

Mods: before I go to the trouble of arguing this point (which can't be done briefly, but I don't think VT should be the place where that sort of casual prejudice is flaunted so I'd give it a go) can I get permission to go a million miles OT? Fair enough if you want to stay on topic, I can just drop it.

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Forget British Core - I would love a Brummie core and to be successful.

yeah that's the stuff of dreams, would absolutely love it if lambo could get a spine of a team from our academy players. in the modern game in england we'd be pretty unique. only really bilbao and barca i can think of who've got something similar.

who knows, if albrighton can get back to his best form and be consistent, gray gardner might flourish under lambo. baker could come through too (not a brummie but not far away in worcester). there's gabby, last chance for fonz i'd say this year...

probably not going to happen, but we're a hell of a lot closer to acheiving it than other clubs!

back on track: any news on this transfer? how reliable are the french sources saying we wanted loan to buy and rennes want a straight transfer?

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