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Letter Of Complaint

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Am sure was similar height to OP at his age but i was wearing small adults jersey from when i was about 13 and was never an issue except somebody bought me a XXL multicolour Muller away jersey which still doesnt fit me to this day

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You could write a letter to Barry Bannan asking if you can have his match-worn shirt after the first game of the season.

You'll have one in your size, it'll have a young player's name on the back and you might even make friends with him. Seems you speak the same language anyway. Just don't go out drinking with him. You're not old enough.

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  I am writing to you in regards to the new 2012-2013 kit, I would like to express my anger with the current sponsorship. Now I am aware of the premier league rules and that child's shirts aren't allowed to have the the genting casino logo on as it is a casino and company's such as alcoholic drinks and betting shops are not aloud to advertise of the front of children's shirts, this is why I am angry, firstly why has a sponsor been chosen that cannot be put on the front of the children's shirt as I'm sure you know that children want the replica shirt that is the same as what the players are wearing more than anything. Another reason why I am more confused than angry is that when attending our last home game of a dismal season last year, that when walking around the club shop, there were baby shirts and young children's shirts with the genting casinos sponsor on them. 

Now I am a big fan of the new shirts and I think they look very good but was disappointed to see what it looked like on the online shop with out the sponsor. 

I am a 15 year old boy who is not the average height for a child of that age as I am of the smaller size, and I have been a season ticket holder at Aston villa football club for the last 6 years and have enjoyed these years with the exception of the previous season but I'm sure your aware I'm not the only villa fan angered about last year. Now im almost 16 and as I said I don't look that age but I have many friends who would be wearing the adults shirts therefore they can have the sponsor on there shirts but just because they are taller than me doesn't make them any more mature, therefore just because I'm smaller it doesn't mean I am going to be influenced by a betting sponsorship on the front of my shirt any more than they are. 

I am attending the kit launch tomorrow but at this moment in time I cannot justify spending £50 plus on my shirt to include printing, as well as another £50 for my brothers shirt, we will then have to repeat this in a months time when the new away shirt comes out. 

This leads me onto my next point in regards to printing, now I will be getting my shirt printed but we do not know squad numbers for next year, now I know big name stars like Darren bent will remain #9 but I like to have younger players on my shirts for example Lichaj and Wiemann by I do not yet know what there confirmed number will be and also what would happen if I was to get a player like agbonlahor on my shirt and he then leaves? Will I be refunded or is it going to be blamed on me? 


I look forward to hearing back from you and how you are going to resolve my problem 


Ollie Bennett

I have just sent this too the club, thoughts


I stopped reading due to the bad grammar and spelling. For a letter of complaint you'd have thought you would have done a spell check and proof read.

Wow! On a scale of 10 for arrogant responses this has got to be an 11.

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Okay, okay, serious face on for a moment.

How short are you? It's a new kit manufacturer, the adult smalls might fit you?


You're right you are small... I'm15 too bu I'm 5ft 8"

That's helpful, you're the same age but taller than him, would you like a medal?

As for your letter, well I'm not sure what you expect them to do. I assume it's illegal for under 18's to wear gambling or alcohol-related logos. If there's a separate company that print shirt sponsors then that's your best bet, but I've never heard of any company that does that.

Other than that, just buy the smallest shirt you can buy and gradually try to shrink it in the wash. Or just wear it baggy? Not much you can do I'm afraid kidda.

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Options :

Try the small womens sizes until you find one that fits better.

Buy a mens small and cut out the logo portion and get your Mum, Sister or yourself to sew it onto your boys shirt.

Send your shirt to a specialty printing company to over print the logo you want on your shirt.

Buy a couple of pairs of fleece t-shirts to wear under the small mens shirt. You will need the shirts in the deep winter anyway to avoid freezing in the Upper Holte ;)

Or finally, be patient, in another five years you may see things very differently.

For a 15 year old today, I am impressed that you posted a fairly lengthy complaint. Good for you. It's the overall content that is important rather than whether you post a grammatically correct epistle. This is Villatalk, not the University Literature Department!

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I'm absolutely horrified at the so called adults having a pop at a 15 year old kid in this thread.

Horrified, but not surprised.

Exactly my thoughts...

Obviously idiots that try to make themselves feel better.

To the OP, I would say the options already mentioned are your best bet and probably sending the shirt to a printing firm is the best of those options.

FWIW I also had no problem reading your post so maybe some of these posters don't have the IQ to look over a few grammar errors...

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I swear i saw today on the Villa website under pictures of the kit festival (for the Sunday) there was a kid who looked about 9/10 ish and he had a kit with the genting logo on it (the new kit that is) and the kit seemed to fit him.

Here's the link:


It's photo 2/12 the kid on the left.

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If I were you I'd spend some more time on the letter, try to get some structure and make sure to get the grammar and spelling are correct.

And I'd ask for some feedback another place then

Sound advice...... ;)

Do as I say, not as I do. :oops:

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What would happen if (for example) we were to sign a Muslim player who was opposed to wearing a gambling logo on his shirt?

Why mention Muslims? Christians aren't allowed to gamble either.

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I really don't know what would happen then. I guess he's have to honour the contract he signed.

it depends,

jewish dont play on yom kippur

amir khan wont fight during ramadam

it all depends on how religious they are but saying that, they might be able to wear a shirt with no sponsorship on

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I'm sure religion says you're not allowed to actually gamble, I don't think you'd find a religious text saying it was not allowed to wear a sports shirt with the name of a casino on it ;)

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