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The last page on Alex McLeish


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We've had 42 competitive match threads on VillaTalk this season, each one a real time conversation about how we've been getting on.

I've selected a comment from the last page of each match thread to create an Alex McLeish anthology in VT posts. It's not pretty, but it provides an interesting and poignant season review.

Here we go -

Fulham away: 0-0

clean sheet, good first half performance and a couple of home games in a row back to back. ill take that as a decent start to be honest

Blackburn home: 3-1

32,000 is the attendance.

not too bad against a team we've played 11 times in the last 18 months!

You a glass half full type of guy? 32k for the first home game of the season is awful. Mcleish definitely had an effect on sales, not taking away this victory.

LC2 Hereford home: 2-0

Nice... looks like my 2-0 bet is good.

I've got 3-0. May the best man win!

Don't say that... I thought I was going to win.

Wolves home: 0-0

86mins and Bent gets his first chance on goal.

Miserable football. Went into this game thinking we need the 3 points for our relegation battle and have seen nothing that makes me think otherwise today. Utter shite. The shooting has been risible.

Everton away: 2-2

It's ridiculous that we're still in this. It would be just about right if we were to win it. Bonkers.

Newcastle home: 1-1

Played off the park on our own patch.


LC3 Bolton home: 0-2

I'm sick of us making average teams look like **** Barcelona!

QPR away: 1-1

We sat back from 78 minutes and got what we deserved,

Typical this, we have 10 mins actually playing football and get results, and then just revert to tactic again.

Sick of it !

Wigan home: 2-0

Far better performance today...Very pleased with Bannan and Gabby, also good to see Ireland looking more interested. Hutton is poor and should be dropped in favour of Herd, Delph also pretty poor.

Man City away: 1-4

What can you do against a team that has 4 20 million plus signings in a so called weakened team? 3 20 million plus on the bench and their most expensive strikers nowhere to be seen.

Not even mentioning wages.

We have one player that cost over 10 million.

We're simply up against the impossible.

West Brom home: 1-2

West Brom don't deserve to win this at all.

Sunderland away: 2-2

last season, i think we had the record of dropping the most points from winning positions.

surely this year we are going to win that award again :-(

Norwich home: 3-2

Jesus Christ Hutton....riding your luck there!

Spurs away: 0-2

Delph on with 3 mins plus stoppage time remaining. Good move McLeish you tactical **** wizard.

Him getting the Villa job is the biggest con since I tricked Mrs Jacketspuds into taking it up the 1950's tea towel holder.

Swansea away: 0-0

Anti football

Manchester United home: 0-1

MOTM for me was Yannick Djalo.

Bolton away: 2-1

3 points! Yes.

Liverpool home: 0-2

McLeish cant even be arsed to shout anymore. For gods sake just resign.

Arsenal home: 1-2

What a moron Hutton is.

Stoke away: 0-0

Just checked the Sky match stats on score centre, we had 2 shots on target as I said.

Chelsea away: 3-1

Whatever was in that pipe, Ireland needs to smoke it more often. Jesus-titty-****-Christ. :hooray:

Swansea home: 0-2

Houlier is a tactical genius compared to this monkey.

FAC3 Bristol Rovers away: 3-1

we have the worst defense in the history of English football.

Everton home: 1-1

We have ideal relegation credentials, shit at home, shit away

Wolves away: 3-2

Get in.

FAC4 Arsenal away: 2-3

2 mistakes and a huge stroke of luck gifted Arsenal this win.

Newcastle away: 1-2

thank **** there are 4 worse teams than us in the PL atm

QPR home: 2-2

6 wins in 23 games.

Man City home: 0-1

McLeish out. **** bell end.

Wigan away: 0-0

Villa hanging on to a 0-0 at the dw station. How much we have fallen

Blackburn away: 1-1

West brom are the best side in the midlands by a long way now. Disgusting really

This may or may not be true - however, it never needs to be written down or said out loud. Thank you.

Fulham home: 1-0


Arsenal away: 0-3

We are in trouble.

Chelsea home: 2-4

We're now below West Brom in the table. Dreadful.

Liverpool away: 1-1

Liverpool 20 attempts on Goal to our 5. Against Liverpool embarrassing.

Stoke home: 1-1

How many shots have we had? Terrible again, McLeish HAS to go, this is so poor.

Manchester United away: 0-4

It's embarrassing when the team you playing are so comfortable they stop playing after 60 mins yet still get a couple more goals.

Sunderland home: 0-0

Lol Gardner gets a red with his whole family there.

Bolton home: 1-2


West Brom away: 0-0

Shay Given keeps us in the premier league for now......

Spurs home: 1-1

Yay we are not going down -_-

Norwich away: 0-2

Its over.
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Reads like a story (a horror story of course). Best comment in there was this

Him getting the Villa job is the biggest con since I tricked Mrs Jacketspuds into taking it up the 1950's tea towel holder.
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Christ... Didn't remember the season being that bad but each post brought it back very, very quickly. Thank **** we managed to stay up with this clown in charge, how we managed it, I don't know.

I reckon if their was one more week of football left we wouldnt have stayed up.

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Superb thread, and hopefully having relived those games through these comments, I can now erase all memory of them and never again dwell on the total abomination that was the 2011-12 season.

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Great post, flash back of several awful games. QPR(a), Spurs(a), Bolton LC (h), WBA(h) just to name a few.

Only one memorable game all season, that was the win at chelsea.

40+ other games of utter shite.

Even our wins were very lucky against Norwich(h) Fulham(h).

Cant remember any games where we took 1 point where we deserved 3.

Nothing positive to take away from this season, even though we used a lot of youth players I dont think we learnt a lot about them.

Thanks for nothing Eck.

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