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New Manager issue


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A thought entered my head today reading all the talk of bringing in henry etc...

We all want Eck gone, I don't know of one person who thought it was a good idea to appoint him or who thinks he should stay (Bar Media Pundits)

But if we have a wage cap at 40k, we have no money to spend, When we get rid of Eck who's coming in?

Are we really going to get a quality manager?

Any manager is better than Eck lol i'm not arguing that.

But I want to know how we're going to get someone that really believes they can push the job forward. As MON said a few times if i didn't believe we could do it then I wouldn't be here. Alex seems to think we're not the team we used to be and by saying so deflating the team.

Maybe i'm ranting now but... Who's going to be able to turn us round?

without investment?

Does the players out of contract have a significant impact on cash flow for the club?

Bit lost but i'm fearing we're gonna be stuck with AM!!!

Please let it not be true!

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