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The final table


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Ok, using tabellenrechner by kicker.de

I will say this is the final table.

maybe more fun than real.


1. man. city 89

2. man. utd 89

3. arsenal 72

4. Spurs 71

5. Chelsea 68


15. Wigan 43

16. Bolton 40

17. Villa 37

18 QPR 37

19. Blackb. 31

20. Wolves 24

We can thank for QPR plays away to Chelsea and M.city.


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Just had a dabble with that myself, had QPR losing tomorrow and then had us losing next week and all the rest winning (QPR,Bolton and Wigan).. with us getting a draw on the final day, with everyones else winning (blackburn, wigan, bolton) with QPR drawing at City....

This had us staying up on goal difference....its crucial QPR lose tomorrow, this result alone could defy us staying up or not. Got a horrible feeling if they win tomorrow we are F##ked.....

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Difficult to predict anything right now.

Wigan have beaten Man Utd, Arsenal and Newcastle.

QPR beat Spurs.

Bolton won away at Villa and then drew away at Sunderland.

Predict at your peril, I doubt you'll get it right.

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I wasn't stating I would be right with my predictions mate, just mearly pointing out if all the others win next week AND on the final day, QPR need to lose tomorrow whilst drawing at city and us picking up 1 point will suffice....So heres hoping tomorrow goes for us eh!

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I did the predictor today and did it up until the last day. I checked and saw that the bottom 6 looked like this:

15th - QPR - 38 pts

16th - Bolton - 38 pts

17th - Villa - 37 pts

18th - Wigan - 37 pts

19th - Blackburn - 34 pts

20th - Wolves - 24 pts

Gotta fancy Wigan to beat Wolves last game of the season. That means we either have to beat Norwich or better Bolton's or QPR's results at Stoke & Man City respectively. I cannot see us beating Norwich because I cannot imagine McLeish having a clue how to go all out attack. That leaves me hoping that Man City do United because I feel as though we are going to need them to beat QPR on the last day as I think Bolton will get something out of the Stoke game.

I arrived at the above table with QPR getting a draw today and Blackburn losing. If either of them get better results than those, we will be in even bigger trouble come the last day IMO.

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Tend to agree with this.

QPR got trashed, and will get nothing out of Man City, so they can only get 37 points, and will have a worse goal difference.

Blackburn are too far behind considering they go to Chelsea on the last day, and the Spuds today - they need at least 4 points from those 2 games, evn if they beat Wigan to overhaul us.

I think we are safe enough, but expect us to finish 17th - which is just shite.

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Had us staying up by one goal over QPR... eek.

You can have us staying up by a few more now.


TBH I dont care if we stay up by 1,5 or 20 goals....as long as we stay up!!! The fact we are even in this position is unacceptable and Mcleish needs to go within 24hrs of the Norwich game so we can think about next season sooner rather than later.

Get rid of the clown so we can move on and start to prepare for next season the minute this one is over.

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