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Confirmed: Paul Lambert new Villa boss

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So now you have him, a ruddy good manager no doubts on that, nasty and selfish, but he knows the game.

I don't wish him or AV well, infact I hope he implodes with you.

But please cut me some slack, I'm very bitter today, one thing for sure though our game with you at our place should be lively.


I understand why you'd be bitter, we ourselves have been in the situation countless times where our best players have moved onto bigger clubs and just because you finished above us last season by no mean means you're bigger than us. Not that there aren't plenty of Villa fans with ideas above their stations either.

However, not that I expect you to be happy, but Lambert took you from a nothing club and got you back-to-back promotions and back into the Premier League in three seasons. You owe him more than you could know, and yet you don't wish him well? How ungrateful people can be.

When Milner left for Man City I was annoyed, but not at the man himself. He's a true professional and I appreciated what he did for us.

Show a little class.

Oh and welcome Mr Lambert. Very pleased with this appointment and can't wait for him to start.

Lambert was nothing when we took a risk with him....it works both ways.

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this is absolutely fantastic

was always my first choice even when OGS looked like getting it. the guy oozes class and is the hungry young manager we have been screaming for.

credit to lerner, ok he messed up with mcleish but at least he learnt from it and took fans opinions on board and did everything to bring lambert here. well done. now we can forget that disaster mcleish.

welcome lambo to this great club. you have united the fans and everyone one of us is behind you

im guessing he will be unveiled on wednesday anyone going down to welcome him down? i certainly am!

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Collymore can **** off - all the shit he gave us for telling it how it was with Eck in charge. **** do one...

Welcome to this fine club Paul Lambert... May your tenure be long and successful - and by successful, just be better than the last incumbent... Keep us safe and push us forward and you will do well here.

Happy days at Villa Park this summer... How refreshing...

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