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SPECULATION: Gabby to Sunderland


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how many times this season has gabby had a good game? i can think of blackburn and norwich at home, other than that his done pretty much **** all. same as last season, half decent in some games, completely uninterested in other games, here in lies the problem. he professes his love and fondness of villa, says he never wants to leave and will play anywhere for us, yet sulks when his asked to play further wide.

be the same as when vass left. tough to see one of your own move on. but in all honesty his gone stale. wouldnt surprise me if he moved on.

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Gabby is not leaving.

He loves the Villa.

He is our Shearer.


When he's smashed in 200 PL goals I will consider that to be the case.

Perhaps if he loves the club so much he could try a little harder?

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I agree that Gabby should play where he was told but ultimately, he knows there are other PL clubs that will pay equal to or more than his current wage and will play him where he wants so why shouldn't he piss off?

Are you serious ? Who is going to pay him £55k a week or more ? Gabby is a poor striker (or has been for two years) and I can't believe anyone in their right mind would be prepared to pay £12M for him either. Only MON who as we all know has a track record of overpaying for players would even consider matching our asking price and Gabby's wages.

Gabby should be thanking his lucky stars, he's a Villa fan living the dream and playing for the club he supports, yet he seems demotivated even now he's been made captain.

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It's pretty obvious that the reason Gabby was great under MON was that he played a complete counter attack system in virtually every game. With his pace and players such as Young, Milner and Barry he was always going to be effective. Unfortunately when he's leading the line for most other managers he needs to play with his head, make intelligent runs and do a bit more for himself. This is where he really struggles as he doesn't really have that great of a football brain if i'm honest.

Though, I do really like Gabby and I hope he stays, but if we could get 12m for him it would be very hard to turn down. Providing it's not McLeish choosing his replacement.

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if mon IS in fact interested, we could get top dollar for him. he likes to overspend on average players, and im sure gabby would love the prospect of a 5 year deal on 65k a week or whatever nonsense mon will offer him

bite his **** hand off i say

gabby is a decent enough player at times, but you could get someone far better for the same wages, or moderately better for less

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If we can sell him for over 10+ then i'd be sad but it'd be good business. Gabby is far too inconsistent. Really loved Gabby under MON, but then Houllier messed him up and now he has been pretty bad of late. He was doing well in the beginning of the season. If we could use that money to sign a decent winger, then I'd be fine with selling him.

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Flatters to deceive year on year. We always get a spell where we think this is that 20 goal year and then oh 5 months of nothing....£12m is £5m too much, snap it up ASAP, ps don't forget to get that armband back.

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but if we could get 12m for him it would be very hard to turn down. Providing it's not McLeish choosing his replacement

Would we be getting a replacement though PieFacE? Or would the money just be used to help balance the books again?

We are a selling club now and as our prize asset (DB) will not have shown he is fit in time for this year's summer sales. I wonder whether the club is looking around to see which player would bring in some decent money this time around? Gabby would seem to be next in line when it comes to how much we might get for him but with each top player we sell the less other clubs will feel they need to bid to get their man. I think £7 - 8m may tempt the club and the club's scapegoat might be given say £3m to replace him if that...

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Utter bollocks from the Mirror.

Gabby would get a nose bleed if he left Villa. Added to that we know that MON never ever even hints at transfer targets so its just the usual 2+2=5 journalism from that rag.

Further to that based on current form £12m is way too much for Gabby and lets not forget, despite MON's proven track record to piss away money on players, when he went to Sunderland he agreed to work within 'budgetary constraints'.

......Oh and the reason Gabby has been poor this season is that he is carrying an injury and our clown of a manager has consistently played him out of position.

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I'd be devastated

you'd get over it, + devastated would be bit of an over-reaction, he plays football (not very well most of the time), loosing a loved one = devastated, footballer going to another team = Meh!

:'( game over for my agbonlahor shirt :'(

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If Gabby goes he goes. Its not the end of the world for the club if he does. He is far too hit and miss as a striker and probably isnt technically good enough to play on the wing...


Seeing him go for me will signal somewhat the end of an era. He kind of epitomized the 'glory days' (I used this term loosely) under MON. The days when we were hard to beat. The days when we used to see Gabby use his pace and strength to frighten defenders. For a long time Gabby was Villa. The goals against blues were memorable and the fact the blues fans were shit scared against ever playing against him even though there fans would never admit it.

Gabby leaving may not effect us in the same way it would if Bent were to leave, but for some reason it will hit home a lot harder. For me, it will just be the next thing to happen in a long line of terrible decisions this club has made over the past 3 years.

This club is being run by complete and utter idiots who are driving fans away in there thousands.


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McLeish hopeful of keeping Agbonlahor at Villa for decade

Alex McLeish expects striker Gabriel Agbonlahor to stay at Aston Villa for the remainder of his career.

Agbonlahor has been the subject of speculation linking him with a move to Saturday's opponents Sunderland who are managed by former Villa boss, Martin O'Neill.

But McLeish believes Agbonlahor's love affair with Villa, where he graduated through the academy, means he will stay 'for the next 10 years' which would take him up to the age of 35.

The Villa manager said: 'I would find it hard to believe that Gabby would leave. This is his club.

'Of course, it's football and you can never rule anything out.

'But I see Gabby being here for the next 10 years provided he is playing at the level he is capable of.

'People here have known him longer than I have but I know how much he loves this club.'

McLeish believes Agbonlahor will be disappointed at Villa's form during the past two seasons and will be desperate to ensure they are not involved in a relegation scrap.

He said: 'Gabby knows that for the last two seasons we have been in the wrong half of the table by Aston Villa's standards.

'He'll be desperate to make sure that we are okay in the next few weeks. He's a big, important factor.'

McLeish is challenging Agbonlahor to reproduce his outstanding form of the first half of the season.

He said: 'That first half the season was exceptional. The evidence is there for him to look back at that and say "look what I've done and I can produce that again".

'Gabby Agbonlahor is a match winner and he has been unlucky in recent weeks.'

McLeish has confirmed his interest in Dutch Under-21 striker Bas Dost but dismisses reports that a contact has been made with the player or his club Heerenveen.

He said: 'What is the story? That he turned us down? Well, we've never approached Heerenveen for Bas Dost but we know who he is.

'We've watched a lot of the Dutch League this year but I don't know why his agent is linking us with him when we've never made any approaches or even sounded him out.

'There's been no contact whatsoever with the agent or anyone. Nothing.

'He's scored a number of goals in Holland this season but is among a number of players that we've recorded and logged.

'But you never know, he might be here in July. I'm not saying it cannot happen but we've never made any contact. We're looking at a lot of players who we believe can help us improve.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2132956/Alex-McLeish-wants-Gabriel-Agbonlahor-remain-Aston-Villa.html#ixzz1scvok0hB

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