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(Save) Aston Arena - Serpentine car park

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So it seems the AAP/RIS plan has gone through and the Serpentine site (car park near Villa park) is to be sold off (soon) and regenerated.

I was wondering if anyone had any interest in that (anyone local), or whether anyone on here uses the Arena, or is part of an organisation that might want to?

Has anyone had any joy influencing the council? Or maybe just wants to comment/ask questions about the site/get involved somehow.

I'm part of a Community Interest Company (CIC) trying to save the Arena from the bulldozers and while I've been trying to cover all angles of support people on here are usually pretty astute.

So far we are trying to work with the council and the HCA to keep it in the community but for us to save the Arena it'll take a bit more than ourselves to be part of the process.

The Arena itself is damaged due to Asda's lease negligence and that has made it economically stifled but in reality its a great building that can host any number of events and community endeavours; its just been let down by the council, by Asda, a little by AWM (but at least they tried) and definitely the HCA.

Bit and bobs are available at the facebook page if anyone is interested; but I'd welcome input on here.


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I was born in Aston and seeing it as it is now is hard, if redevelopment is needed then I think it has to go but it all depends on whether there is room for it.

If the rumours are true the the social club, the ads and the edward are going.

I lived in the flats across the road from the edward where these were taken.


The one below is where normansell tower stands and priory road.

No aston Expresway yet but a lot of houses



I know there is still a community in Aston but it can not be left as it is

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Well yes and no....part of a full story anyone?

Asda lease the exterior of the Leisure Centre and the car park, they are responsible for the maintenance.

In 2006? Advantage West Midlands bought it from the Villa and looked at using the land for an Olympic pool or any innovative ideas.

Recently a wider plan for the area was established and B1 offices/high tech industry will be built on the Serpentine site and many other larger sites surrounding it.

The Arena was damaged in 2007 and again in 2009 because of Asda's negligence on maintenance responsibilities. Roof leaking; that lead to much of the interior being damaged.

This is still an issue and neither AWM, HCA or Birmingham Council bothered to bring Asda to task on their negligence.

This was again an issue recently when the Arena was burgled because Asda's contractors forgot to activate the alarm on the security doors they were forced to fit. (by the HCA)

They fit new ones again and once again, haven't bothered to activate the alarm despite it being part of their lease agreement.

The Arena is in fine working order but in general it looks tired and is badly damaged because of the roof leaks. Some leaks still remain in the main Arena but the current occupier is doing well to stop them being an issue.

Some investment was usually directed in the way of 45k from Aston Villa for parking but this stopped a few years back, about the time the damage occurred, and now the HCA takes the money for its operational costs.

If it's tired it's because the council trusted it to idiots and then put someone good in when they needed someone to 'mind' it.

It isn't a diamond in the rough in terms of glamour but it is in in terms of community value.

The events, Verve and Oasis for example (good one and yes its was the AV Leisure Centre), and trade shows etc would offset the costs for community groups that would use the leisure, sports and education facilities and thus support an area that needs an outlet for engagement.

It could also use the land by the tavern for outdoor sports and due to the access soon to be created to Salford Park would be able to support water sports too.

I agree redevelopment is a good thing but the overall plan is a 10-20 year one and there is no guarantee the new provision would cater to the community, rather the business that would surround it.

I love redevelopment but hate wasteful planning.

The social club is going which will create better access to the site beside the Arena and access in front of the Arena will not be opened until 2020-25 when they sell the land in front.

I believe The Aston Tavern has been offered to someone losing a pub but it's a bit of a mess and will probably go.

The community is strong in Aston but it is fairly fragmented with a strong West Indian, Somali, Pakistani, Polish and Indian representation.

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