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Ratings and reactions: Man Utd 4-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Collins
    • Clark
    • Lichaj
    • Baker
    • Ireland
    • Bannan
    • Gardner
    • Agbonlahor
    • Weimann
    • Heskey (for Clark 64)
    • Carruthers (for Ireland 75)
    • N'Zogbia (for Weimann 83)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong.

[table color=#bccde9:54bd76a861][mrow][mcol color=red:54bd76a861]Man Utd[mcol]4-0[mcol color=#8c333c:54bd76a861]Aston Villa

[row][col color=red:54bd76a861]Rooney 7 pen[col][col color=#8c333c:54bd76a861]

[row][col color=red:54bd76a861]Welbeck 43[col][col color=#8c333c:54bd76a861]

[row][col color=red:54bd76a861]Rooney 73[col][col color=#8c333c:54bd76a861]

[row][col color=red:54bd76a861]Nani 90+2[col][col color=#8c333c:54bd76a861]


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Given 6 - Made some saves

Hutton 5 - Can't defend

Lichaj 6 - Decent game

Collins 4 - Can't defend

Baker 4 - Can't defend

Gabby 4 - Very poor

Clark 4 - Very poor

Ireland 5 - Poor

Gardner 3 - Piss poor

Bannan 4- Very poor

Weinman 6 - Tried

Heskey - Usual, came on and fell over a few times

Curruthers - Looks promising

N'Zogbia - Should have started

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Controversial opinion, but we looked better going forward with Heskey on the pitch. Forced de Gea into a save. Collins, being our experienced defender was poor and Baker showed his inexperience along with Lichaj (who had a better second half). Ireland vanished yet again after a good first half, Bannan played well but got himself stupidly booked. Gabby was poor again - not captain material. Weinmann looked our best player at times.

This game reminded me how much I hate modern football: Young's disgraceful dive to win a penalty, Scholes goes down - Halsey stops play right away. Clark goes down with a potentially serious head injury and he allows play to continue, he happily carded our players before United's. The assistant made a bizarre call on Weimann in the second half who would have been clean through in space out on the right.

Our defending was embarrassing at times but I hate United.

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Why do the nasty FA men force us to play elite clubs like this? It's ridiculous to expect a club like ours to compete. Has any football team ever even beaten United?? I doubt it.

Refuse to vote for MotM. We were like those faceless jobbing wrestlers they used to get in every week on the WWF. Always destined to lose, mediocre in every way. Ironically, 0-4 probably qualifies as 'keeping the score down' for a manager as bad as MCLeish.

While I don't often blame the officials for changing a game - and I'm sure we would have lost anyway - special mention should be made of Mark Halsey. He is MotM for being such an obnoxious kunt of a terrible ref that it almost became funny. Even if he had had the best, most impartial and observant game ever - which is exactly what he did not have - then that decision to let Utd play on and attack after Clark's head collision would still have reeked of incompetence, bias and corruption. So you suddenly decide that an injury is too severe to allow play to continue, ONLY after Utd give the ball away on the counter? Absolutely **** sickening. He should never ref a prem game again.

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I don't know if I find this season, or the fact someone's voted Ireland MOTM more alarming :shock:

The result was, lets be honest as you'd expect. Men against boys and although they won at a canter, they still played very well (up to the level they needed to anyway)

The young lads showed signs of promise, and equally signs of inexperience. That will only come good with games obviously

I shall save my wrath this evening for two players. Two players that talk it up, and delivered absolutely NOTHING today. Two players that are supposed to be experienced, and leading by example. To my eyes they both let themselves and the club down today, with truly half arsed/woeful displays

Congratulations Agbonlahor and Ireland. Pair of **** muppets

Collins and Hutton weren't much better either.

Well done Carruthers.

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Ok so firstly getting the result out of the way it was a poor match though one we weren't going to win. Poor to lose by 4, but is its a shock? No.

Just gonna focus on the good as I'll be here all day otherwise;

- Lichaj was great today, he didn't really put a foot wrong and he's been that way for the past few games.

- Baker was pretty good, he messed up for the second goal but despite that he was good.

- Weimann was good again today, would have been more lethal had he not started on the left.

- Carruthers was superb, I compare him to Nasri and Chamberlain and I saw that today the guy has a huge future.

The rest of the team were between average and awful. If I was to single out anyone it would be Agbonlahor he was so bad today. He should have started on the left instead of Weimann, he's not good enough to be a lone striker anymore and I'm beginning to question if he's good enough for the Premier League. He was awful.

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You can tell it's bad when Ian Taylor tweets this: 'I'm not tweeting anymore. Not tonight anyway. Biting my lip.'

I'm hoping that Doug isn't biting his lip when sat by Faulkner.

Utter dross again.

"I invented sacking managers, you know?"

*Raises eyebrows in a suggestive way*

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Inevitability about the result and the spineless refereeing performance. Loved how the useless word removed waited for that united attack to break down before stopping play for Clark's head injury.

Unfortunately we carried 4 players today; Hutton and Bannan down the right were appalling again, as were Gardner, who looks so tentative with the ball at his feet, and Gab-Dogg, which is a shame given how we've often seen the best of him against United over the past few years.

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