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Jan transfer window - rumours, speculation & suggestions

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I remember watching this Dica against Boro in the Uefa cup last year. He looked very useful reminded me a little bit of gulie (sic) at Barcelona. He is not a striker more of a play maker

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Mellberg Cahill Upson Bouma

SWP Petrov Barry Boa Morte

Defoe Dica





















Oh we can only dream!

Boa will be a fantastic buy at £5m for West Ham, never mind SWP. Gutted.

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Jas, all we've heard about Boa Morte "going to West Ham" is a first-time poster saying so and no link. I don't live in the UK, but on the BBC and Sky sites there's nothing about a transfer having gone through.

The Boa Morte deal is touted in one of their papers down there (London), think it's the Evening Standard?!

Ah well, just gonna wait and see who the Villa sign. West Ham are making the right noises, I know the Argentines haven't done too well for them, but I reckon if they're still around next season, they're gonna be very very good players. Now with them supposedly signing SWP and Boa Morte, they've got a better team than us, no doubt about it.

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Old Fart i'm 28 year old man , who's got better things to do than to make things up on the net , here is the proof.

Just because someone is a first time poster doesn't mean they are a 12 yo posting BS


a) Sorry, didn't say you were a 12-year-old.

B) Great, now we have a link.

c) Oh, it says West Ham are chasing Boa Morte. Another poster, not having seen the link, assumed you meant West Ham had signed him.

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"It was rumoured in the Scottish media on the 23rd December 2006 that Rangers F.C. have agreed a fee of £2.5million with Steaua for Dica. However it looks likely he will join Aston Villa along with Mirel Rădoi."

not sure. doesnt smell like a MON signing to me? Could be wrong though and frequently am

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Rădoi has a very strong personality and acts as adviser of Gigi Becali, the club's owner and chairman and also his godfather, sometimes being asked by Becali which coach to name for the team. It is rumored that the current coach,Cosmin Olăroiu was brought to the club by Rădoi.

Supporters of Steaua Bucharest consider him the Steven Gerrard of his team .

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Mirel Matei Rădoi, (born March 22, 1980 in Drobeta Turnu-Severin), is a Romanian football (soccer) Midfielder, who can also play as center back and rightback.

He is a key part of Steaua Bucharest, the club he joined in 2000, currently being the team's captain. He is also considered one of the best football players who play in Romania's Liga I, with a rumoured wage of €500,000.

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