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Ratings and reactions: Arsenal 3-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Cuéllar
    • Ireland
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Herd
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Bannan (for Herd 52)
    • Weimann (for Heskey 65)
    • Lichaj (for Hutton 72)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

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[table color=#bccde9:2d015cbded][mrow][mcol color=red:2d015cbded]Arsenal[mcol]3-0[mcol color=#8c333c:2d015cbded]Aston Villa

[row][col color=red:2d015cbded]Gibbs 16[col][col color=#8c333c:2d015cbded]

[row][col color=red:2d015cbded]Walcott 25[col][col color=#8c333c:2d015cbded]

[row][col color=red:2d015cbded]Arteta 90+3[col][col color=#8c333c:2d015cbded]


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Great to see the fight and the determination from Villa players ...... in order to get the Arsenal shirt swap at the end. Have we really stooped so low now that the first thought in their heads on the final whistle is "can I get the shirt I wanted" ?!!!

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Given 4 - soft goal

Hutton 5 - best of the back 4

Warnock 4 - turned a few times

Collins 4 - usual rubbish

Cuellar 4 - at fault for a goal

Herd 4 - did very little

Albrighton 5 - poor final ball, but was at least some kind of threat (MOTM)

Petrov 4 - very poor

Ireland 5 - an extra point for that tackle, otherwise poor

Gabby 3 - not involved

Heskey 2 - completely anonymous

Gardner 3 - made no impact

Weinmann 5 - lively

Lichaj 4 - meh.

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Rolled over and shagged up the arse.

At 2-0 after 20 minutes, I actually thought that it would be better to get humped 7 or 8-0. Anything to remove this slow, shitty death by gingers.

A nothing team, with a nothing manager who give absolutely.................nothing.

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mcleish doesnt seem to realise how embarrassing his "lets not get embarrassed" tactic is

today could have been 1-0 or 8-0 and it still would have been as patheticly shit but he doesnt see it that way

heskey will be the pantomime villian again but he's just the cherry on top

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1 - Aston Villa only managed 1 shot today (exc. blocked), they are only the 3rd side to do this in a PL match this season. Struggle.

This nightmare has to end. Somehow. Can't bear us being so negative.

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What remains to be said about our performances that hasn't been said at this stage? This was another gutless performance like the one against Spurs and several others this season - we churn them out with such uniformity it's like they're factory-produced.

People will say this was about our 'shit squad' and individual errors but no single individual in defence had a really bad game. Gabby, Albrighton and Heskey were poor, but what exactly was expected of them with that line up? Left footed floaters from Gabby's foot to Heskey's head and into the back of the net? Albrighton beating 3 people when he got the ball on the counter attack? Heskey using his blistering pace to run onto Ireland's through balls? Of course those are pretty ridiculous to any sane person. McLeish obviously thought some hoofball to Heskey with flick-ons to Ireland would do the trick, but it didn't happen once. AMc is a **** idiot and the shoddiness of this performance is all on him.

Ireland just about best of a bad bunch for work rate and that tackle on Ox-Cham at the end.

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