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Your bestest friend in the whole wide world


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...Sorry, this may be a repeat of previous threads but I've been reminiscing over pics I've posted on facebook and I thought why not bring it up again.

Do you have pets? I've had 3 wonderful German Shep dogs, the first sadly died of cancer, as did the 2nd of twins (one of which we still have).

So I thought it would be nice to share pics of your pets (be it your best friend or just "something" you have). Humorous the better but it's all good either way. I've posted these before but lets get the ball rolling (followed by a dog chasing it):






You'll have to let me know if these pics don't work (I've never linked to facebook before!), but over to you, pet fans...

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We have 2 goldfish who I am quite keen on, Jenny and Lucy. Our daughter named them (although she doesn't know that the 1st version of Jenny died after 3 months). Sorry no pics they don't they still long enough

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