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Wedding venues on a budget


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I am planning to get married on the 22nd April this year on a budget. We only plan to have 40-50 guests and plan to get married so soon as my fianciee is Russian and we have to get married within 6 months of her being a citizen in the UK.

We really aren't fussed about having a massive wedding. When I proposed I wasnt planning on a particularly quick wedding however we've visited each other since and decided we want to get married as soon as possible.

I think my fianciee will be buying her own wedding dress and the guests from Russia will pay for their own hotel and flights.

We have arranged and booked the church and just have to give a donation to them. All we have to do really is get a venue for a small reception afterwards.

My mom and dad said they would help a bit and my nan can give me 1000 pounds but it has now caused an argument between me and my mom as she seems really against doing it and is telling me to grow up etc. Im now in a position where i dont know whether to cancel the wedding because i dont want it to cause any sort of rift in the family and dont have the saving myself or the time do it.

Do you think its possible to arrange a smal venue for April and cover everything and still have a decent day, or realistically shouls i look at other options?

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