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Happy Birthday to...


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I do like a bit of Ski Sunday.. Thank you all for your messages, 20 is a ripe old age to reach. I'm surprised I've lasted this long.

Gareth - sadly not.

Shillzz - you tight-fingered bastard, if I didn't know better I'd say you'd spent time in Wales.

Dennis - thank you aussi

Michael -that was very touching. If I didn't hate dancing I'd likely return the favour for your birthday.

Ingram - I've been a combination of not finding the time to wait for my phones internet browser to load and look like i'm working, and a bit unwilling to go on a Villa forum, I think my head would explode.

Oh and for those of you that didn't send me a message... I will search for you, I will pursue you, I will find you.. And then.... I will comment you the **** to death.

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