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Villa Kit 2012-2013

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Bout time we had a leak isnt it? Lots of leaked pictures at the moment, even quite a few clubs officially showing off their new strips and there has been a few of macrons unveiled lately.

We probably have to wait until the Nike deal expires.

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She said we are going to be macrons flagship team and all products will only be available via the clubshop.

Well I know that isn't accurate for a start.

Its the same information I got from a Macron shop near my office in Castleford.

Not stocking Villa products and the only place to get them will be via the club.

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My iggest worry is not the material but the sizes, look at the differences in sizes of kits between Nike and Macron.

Nike (taken from the JJB Website

XS - 30/32"

S - 34/36"

M - 38/40"

L - 42/44"

XL - 46/48"

XXL- 50/52"

XXXL - 54/56"

Macron (taken from the new Leeds kit)

S - 38"

M - 40"

L - 42"

XL - 44"

XXL - 46"

3XL - 48"

5XL - 50"

The Current West Ham Kit

S - 40"

M - 42"

L - 45"

XL - 47"

XXL - 48"

3XL - 49"

4XL - 51"

5XL - 53"

I am in between a XL and XXL for my current Villa kit so that means If i brought a Leeds Kit it wont fit me even a 5XL

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No pies at Norwich then lads!

I like the skin tight, was going to buy a kids size in the current kit at the end of the season anyway, plus it has no sponsor logo so it's more timeless.

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I assume Macron's smaller sizes comes from Italy's obsession with tighter fitting football tops :)

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