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Ratings and reactions: Stoke 0-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Clark
    • Cuéllar
    • N'Zogbia
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Delfouneso (for Heskey 46)

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Pretty good performance today, shame we don't have the cutting edge to take all 3 points.

Have to say, I much prefer Clark as a central midfielder than as a defender. He can tackle well and has an eye for a great pass; OK one or two went astray, but basically it really helps to have two players who can both tackle and know what to do with the ball in the centre of the park.

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Stoke set out to defend hard and try and nick the winner from a set piece - we were unimpressive but were stifled hard and still came out the better of the two teams. The bottom line is that I cant argue with the result.

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didn't give us a prayer tonight, so a point was a decent result.

thought our passing was better, particularly in the first half, thought we made a decent account of ourselves....however the game was there for taking so the belief is still not back properly.

thought cuellar did well and Guzan had another steady game.

not sure how they can afford to leave carlos out.

ps Its not our business to worry about the form or team selection of the opposition its up to us to challenge whats in front of us.

pps when we get battered the opposition don't say " Villa were poor tonight, we'rnt they"

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Seeing as our last couple of goals all came from set pieces, i thought this game was going to be a stinker. We defended well against a team who make set pieces look easy. It don't matter though. I see it as a good 1 point, but others still moan.

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I was pleased with the effort, the application needs more work though. Albrighton's crossing was pretty off today and we lost a great deal of impetus for that. Was gutted for Fonz that the toe-poke was well-saved.

Petrov, N'Zogbia, Cuellar, Clark, Gabby and Guzan our best today.

As others have said Stoke away is a very tough gig. We were lucky to get away with that line clearance but other than that we dealt with their set pieces well and were the better team

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On paper it's a good point but Stoke were very poor and offered no attacking threat at all yet we didn't take advantage at all and McLeish seemed very happy with the point.

Guzan - 6 - never threatened but always seems calm and composed

Cuellar - 7 - Kept things nice and simple and was assured in defence.

Collins - 5 - Still hoofs the ball far too much and nearly cost us a goal in the first half

Dunne - 7 - Never troubled and calm on the ball

Warnock - 6 - Shotton is shit so he didn't have to do much

Albrighton - 5 - Poor game and he looked disinterested.

Clark - 6 - Either brilliant or terrible. Needs more consistency.

Petrov - 8 - Our best player but the lack of movement of the attacking players hindered him. Won quite a few tackles and as usual gave his all.

N'Zogbia - 6 - Tried but it wasn't enough. Had a good shot in the second half and he's looking better with every game.

Heskey - 7 - Poor at the very start but he won some good headers after that and I though he played pretty decently after that.

Gabby - 7 - Made some good runs and he set up Delfouneso brilliantly in the second half. Seems frustrated by the way we play.

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Boring, but with Milner, Ash and MON we lost.

with Ginger took a point. It's important in the battle of relegation and stay is our goal. Don't forget about it.

Delfouneso is not a prospect. Old, future and slow Heskey did more than this talented, sharp future.

Guzan too short. His outs from the line were terryfying.

Gabby MOM - save us and have almost an assist but Delfouneso can't run.

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Happy with the back 4 today. Cuellar must start instead of Hutton ! Midfield done okay . Zog needs a goal to kickstart his season . Still worried though. If we dont start scoring we dont get points and then we get relegated. Also our 'shooting ' from distance is sunday morning standard.

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A poor game rightly shown as the final match on MOTD.

The liability Collins still made mistakes for most of Stoke's chances.

Emily Heskey surprise surprise still didn't score. 9 league goals in 78 matches for Villa says it all.

Shocking match, shocking manager.

Mcleish has to go.

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I'll happily take a point at Stoke with the form they've been in (City game apart).

Albrighton was utter gash though, and should have been subbed for Bannan with half an hour left. I'd have moved Nzogbia over to the right, Gabby out to the left and had wee Barry pulling the strings in the middle with Petrov.

Thought the Fonz did okay against one of the most physical back lines around.

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Guzan too short. His outs from the line were terryfying.

Dealt with everything thrown his way bar one error.

EDIT: Added to the fact he is 6 foot 4.

This. I'm liking The New Big Brad more and more.
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So we get a point at Stoke, which is not exactly an easy task for anyone, and loads just say "It's because they were shit. We should've won". Collins, Dunne and co. dealt with pretty much everything they threw at us and we actually had some good posession. We made them look bad and without ideas. But no, it's Villa with AMc as manager, so obviously the only way the opposition can possibly not be at their best is if they are having a bad day, clearly it has absoloutely nothing to do with us. Laughable.

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Surprised (and yet, not that surprised) by all the negativity early on in the thread, personally I thought it was a good hard working display against a horrible Stoke side.

We had a better amount of possesion but still lacking a final ball, or someone willing to gamble. Probably a confidence issue right now.

Strong display from Gabby, Petrov and I think Cueller may have played himself into a regular full back spot there.

For me Clark struggled, didn't look like he wanted the ball although he defends well, and Fonz just doesnt do enough.

Bannan or Ireland should have come on for 10 mins to try and turn 1 into 3 points

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Fair play got an unexpected point when I fully anticipated a defeat poor game though two poor sides and it safdens me greatly that I am happy we got away without losing

stoke are a tough side to play against though richard especially at home, i'd take a point from that fixture every time although it could've been 3

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