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Midweek football 19/21 December


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No more bullshit man. :(
Don't worry, McLeish became the league's bullshit man months ago.

Nah, that won't do. At least Kean was a bit humerous with his bullshit, even though it he doesn't intend on coming across like that, and is genuine in truly believing his bullshit..if you get me?

McLeish just constantly talks the worst shit possible.

Too much too soon for Kean

No apprenticeship as such

The pay off from a 3 year contract will help. However, he'll probably never get a decent job again, so he's gambled potential future earnings if he started from the bottom and worked his way up, with one single pay off.

You never know, he might come out of this better than he would ever have done if he did start at League 1 and be just as shit there.

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Hmm, I wonder if AM will face a similar atmosphere soon?

I kind of feel sorry for Kean. He has only been a manager for a year. But still, don't blame the Blackburn fans.

Way out of his depth though.

NRC is having a good game. Could do with him in our midfield at the moment compared to other options.

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Why did we let go NRC again? It was just so dumb. I know we have to cut the wage bill but we have no other players like him. No replacements whatsoever.

Heard it all now.

Name a player at our disposal who tackles like Reo-Coker and also brings his energy in midfield.

Go on. Name one single person.

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