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Movies of the Year 2011


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Your Top 5 (in no particular order) and it's UK release date that counts, not original release.

My five...







13 Assassins




All fantastic, all highly recommended.

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I went over by one as I felt wrong not including these films. Therefore, mine is a top six and I'm a bit of a cheat.

I also think 'The Artist' may be joing this list come the end of the year. I haven't seen it yet but it really does sound good.

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i saw alot of films this year and yet the list of films that i wanted to see and didnt is huge, probably 30+ films that i managed to miss, drive, we need to talk about kevin and submarine top that list

best i actually got round to seeing -


crazy to think it was this year, deserved its awards





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I've seen so few new films this year, I can hardly produce a decent list.

The top 5 films I've actually seen this year would be:






Not sure all of these were strictly 2011 though as some I saw on blu-ray.

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Apart from the dreadful Harry Potter with the wife , I've mainly seen films with the kids this year so for me it would have to be

1. Tin Tin

2. Yogi Bear

3. Alvin and the Chipmonks in Chipwreked

4. Kung Fu Panda 2

5.Mr Poppers Penguins

FML .....

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Best experience I had in the cinema this year, by far:


The rest:





No they weren't "Acclaimed" by art house critics. Nor are they considered "Important Motion Pictures". They don't even have Laurel Leaves laurel-icon2.png like that Cedar Rapids flick but for my money they were the most entertaining.

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Being a big X-Men fan, I was actually quite disappointed with the latest film. It was good, yet far from perfect. 'X2' was still the highlight of their films in my opinion.

'The King's Speech', 'Black Swan' and 'True Grit' were all last year aswell so stop cheating people! :D

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Apologies, if not all films were indeed released in 2011 - having a young family certainly trashes chances of going to the cinema so I have to rely on Lovefilm!

In no particular order

1) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Makes glasses cool again!!! An acting film unreliant on special effects or gadgetry - just big heads on the big screen acting it out - awesome!

2) Submarine

Great directorial debut by Richard Ayoade, a touching comedy with an outstanding performance by the mulletted Paddy Considine!

3) Cedar Rapids

I never knew Insurance Conventions could be so much fun. Quality kooky comedy (and another great showing by John C Reilly!!!)

4) The Fighter

Deserved all it's plaudits at the Oscars - a great film (watched eventually in September!!!!)

5) True Grit

As per The Fighter - great return to form by the Coens, well shot and typically brilliant dialogue!

6) The Way Back

Amazing tale of escapees from a Siberian Gulag walking to freedom to India - astonishing cinematography

7) The Animal Kingdom

Aussie based family crime thriller - great performances, particularly the family patriach in a film that doesn't leave you with the feel good factor afterwards!

8) Morning Glory

A rom-com (I know, I know) but a great comedic turn from Harrison Ford in a movie set around morning television! (The weather man story is worthy alone!)

9) The Secret In Their Eyes

Argentinian thriller spanned across decades, following a prosecutor tracking down the murder of a young woman. The ending is jaw-dropping!

10) Buried

How can a film about a man in a box keep you captivated for 90 minutes.....? this one can!!!

Notable Mentions:

Captain America



Red Hill

Going The Distance

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Truely has to be the worst year for films that I can ever remember....

HOWEVER...films of the year are between 'The Fighter' and 'Drive'

Next year should be awesome though with the hobbit, the christian bale film set in China, the dark knight rises...cant wait

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