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Sunday league football


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Had a look for the previous thread but couldnt find it.

I've been playing Sunday league with a new team this year having played on off for 2 previous seasons. I was always good in training but very timid and pretty shit during actual games, think I was intimidated

Anyway, I've got fitter and have been playing not bad for my new team usually in the left wing. We've been struggling for players and despite seeming like a decent team have lost 7 on the trot. I think

It's mainly because if our midfielders who Luke to just run around everywhere and neither does much to

Protect the back four, but because Im not exactly standing out I don't feel it's my place to say that

Anyway we now have the top team in the league tomorrow, we're bottom and I'm really dreading it, no subs either again!

No point to this really other than to vent!

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I would love to be able to play Sunday league footy again, but my knees dictate that it will never happen :(

Never played at a great level, just a few average pub teams, and I was never blessed with any real talent, but I was always quite fit and fast, loved getting stuck in, which to be fair is the reason why my knees are ****, snapped both my ACL's playing the game.

I miss the piss take and banter in the dressing room too, and giving the ref and lines some shit, used to love all that, good times!

Enjoy it whilst it lasts dude, cos you'll miss it when it's gone!

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