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I am extremely proud to present...


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As some of you who may have entered the gaming forum lately, you may have seen Gareth's '12 Month Live Gold Deals?' - where he was looking for the best deal to purchase access to the xbox online gaming services (added just for you mooney ;)).

Anywho, in his first post he claimed:

Whomsoever finds me the deal I ultimately plump for will be rewarded with an exclusive download of a doodle I drew during a phone conference at work of Gabby riding a killer whale with fin-mounted gauss cannons into the sunset.

Luckily for me, I gave him that deal.. 8)

So ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to give you... GARETHRDR's fantastic, incredible and down right classic 'Gabby and the Whale'


I also enjoy the fact that this sheet of paper was meant to be used for the 'weekly update' :lol:

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