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Funny Old Day...


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Was woke this morning by the persistent ringing of the house phone.

It was the BT text robot with a message from my sister, my aunt Margot had died this morning.

Shit news, very fond of the old dear. My sis and I had only seen her 6 weeks ago and she was in great health.

So out came the gin for breakfast. Toast to Margot. Margot liked gin.

Was going to sink a few before ringing my cousin.

Fortunately I'd texted my sister back.

She'd lost a digit in my mobile number, which is why it had come through to the house.

It was my aunt Margaret that had died.

Now, this is sad, but Margaret had been ill for ages. Her daughter (my God mum) had been the live-in carer 6 nights out of 7 for the past couple of years. Quality of life for both was pretty poor.

Now I'm half cut, with one auntie back from the grave and another finally released from suffering.

Really glad I didn't ring the cousin, she's gushtastic at the best of times.


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No need to be concerned, there's no rules for what to feel when there's a bereavement; people react how they react. Often I've found that such things don't actually register an impact until much later (sometimes at completely random times, too) as it doesn't really feel real when you're told. It's just words on a phone after all, it's difficult to reconcile something so everday and mundane with the realisation that a person has passed away.

Basically, don't worry. I'm sure you'll be having a good ol' cathartic sob into your Weetabix at some point. :thumb:

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Thoughts are with you fella.

You are all very sweet, thanks.

I'm OK, though no doubt it'll hit my god mother hard initially.

She's been doing the elderly relative thing for too long, she's due some time for herself - though it'll be a little while before she sees it that way.

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This, it's either a massive coincidence or I don't understand what was said

There's a whole convoluted story involving my sister getting a new phone at the same time as my house phone being buggered. She had two numbers for me in her phone, she sussed there was a number missing from the first one so sent it to the second - the land line, so I got the bot as it were.

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