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plans for the weeeeekend


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Nothing planned yet, but I passed my driving test yesterday so I plan on being drunk all weekend.



You attempting to get the quickest driving ban in history?   :P




That's the thing, for the first time ever I'll be able to drive me and the girlfriend to the pub, but I want to get drunk and celebrate.  :angry:


It's a cruel world.

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Currently in the acorn, first time I have been in here since Christmas, feels **** lovely to be back home, I know it's a shit hole but it's my shit hole and there are people in her that I am really close to and I haven't seen them for 3 months because of money.

Shame really, anyway having a few pints in here going home ordering a curry

Tomorrow I'm going to a birthday piss up where there will be loads of Indian food

Sunday my mate is popping round for a few hours then I'm gunna try and recover in time for monday

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