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Reyjyavik (?)


Which means something like Smoke Bay.

Nyapyidaw (Myanmar) was a real source of frustration for me. Took me about 20 time to get it right.

When everyone knows perfectly well it's really Rangoon.

Didn't know they had changed it until 30 secs ago when I read Michelsens post , more embarrassingly it was 2009 when I was there and I was sure it was the capital city ... Rangoon Is now called Yangon ,think it was changed in the late 80's early 90's

It didn't actually change but the military rulers called it Yangon at the same time as Burma became Myanmar. We do not officially recognise it as such as the democratic movement has been surpressed. Until they decide on the name change rather than the autocratic regime we use Burma/Rangoon. Although Yangon is now more widely used Myanmar isn't.

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TV BBC primarily (1980-2011) - Been addicted to telly for a long long time.

(There are worse things to be addicted to ) :D


Have not watched ITV for 11 years, they don't export ITV for obvious reasons.

You must have missed quite a few series of Bruce's price is right and Get your cards right then they are being repeated on Challenge TV if you have it

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