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Got sent this from a mate of mine via his mate,

I am petitioning Birmingham City Council for a crossing on Farnborough Road, Castle Vale where my 10 year old nephew Callum Henry was killed 2 weeks ago crossing on his bike.He is the grandson of Ken Roberts who played for Villa in the 1950's and Callum was a huge Villa fan. He appeared in the last Villa programme and his parents have received a sympathy card from Petrov.Any chance you could put a link to the e-petition on your site somewhere, we need loads of signatures for Birmingham residents.http://epetition.bir...y/petition/1620


The more names added the better, cheers everyone

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How long have you had a site? :mrgreen:

Come again? :?:

I think he means "well I have this mate and his mate had sex with a woan who turned out used to be a man and my mates mate was asking if it made him gay" :lol:

Petition signed :winkold:

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