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How much importance should we give the League Cup this year?


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Agree with Joker and Alec, our only chance to win anything. The league cup is acyually quite easy to win in comparison to other trophies, the smaller clubs should be beatable as long as we dont play our reserves and the big clubs we stand a chance of beating because they play their reserves.

I'd rather win the league cup and finish 14th, than not win it and finish 8th.

If I'm honest I'd take a league cup won OVER a 4th place finish! I can see beyond the kudos of getting a slot on ITV 1 Wednesday night! Not sure everybody will agree with me on this but glory is the currency of football in my eyes. CL would possibly put us in a stronger position to build infrastructure re revenue but I crave cups! NOT a top 20 place in annual revenue for Western European footy clubs :o

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The league is more important for me and IMO survival is not guaranteed this year

So would you be happy with not going for it 100% Richard?

I can handle appointing a manager who is by no means 1st choice

I can handle cut backs

I can handle losing our best players

I can handle a lack of communication from the club (even though I dont fully agree there is one)

Id be absolutely devestated to go down - but if I thought we had giving it our best shot, i could handle it.

The only thing I cant handle is going into any games without a maximum desire to win. If were going down (which i have no doubts we wont btw), were going down whether we go out of this comp now, or if we win the bloody thing imo

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No what I am saying is that I do not believe we are going to win it, not this year and not for any forseeable future without a heap of luck, some favourable draws and opposition teams not performing to anything like their best.

In addition to that for me we are going to struggle in the league this season and I do not want us to get relegated

I do not want us to throw the towel in and capitulate as Houllier did last season in the FA cup, but I would not be too despondant when we get beat by Bolton

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