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Ratings and reactions: Villa 1-1 Newcastle


Who was your man of the match?  

137 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Warnock
    • Hutton
    • Given
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • N'Zogbia
    • Delph
    • Petrov
    • Bannan
    • Bent
    • Gabby
    • Albrighton (for Bannan 67)
    • Ireland (for Petrov 67)
    • Delfouneso (for Bent 85)

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i saw only 2nd half - poor display - esp. no midfield and conditioning is a worry. we seemed to be in poor condition, after 60 minutes, we were fading in every PL match this season allowing the opposition to overplay us.

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I can't be bothered to rate the players. i have seen enough of villa this season to know my fears have been confirmed. the football is dire the manager is shit and his signings apart from given are crap . if it want for given we would have lost three times. we have played nobody decent this season we are bottom six material. nzogbia is one of the worst players i have seen in a villa shirt for a long time

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Yet again, at home and poor. Anyone who can say we have had a good start to the season is having a bloomin laugh. 1 win from 5 games against the teams we have played. We were second best today to Newcastle at home. Were those boos at the end? QPR away next is no guarantee for a point let alone 3, then it gets tougher with Man City away.

Gabi man of the match for VIlla again, our only real threat. Bannan was good in the first half. We find it hard to get the ball of oppositions, poor off the ball.

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Still unbeaten, good first half poor second, Newcastle are a good side and unbeaten this season, how bad is Hutton though.

Not sure i'd agree with this to be honest. We made them look a great side today but lets not kid ourselves. We're under performing and have yet to face any on the 'top six' (where we used to be) sides. The first game against any quality opposition and we'll get humped. Newcastle should have had 3 today.

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Outfought, Outclassed, Outplayed.

A very good point against a side who dominated on the day.

Points like this will be vital in order for us to avoid relegation. Sneak a win here or there against the likes of blackburn, bolton etc. and we will be ok.

We were the better team first half and they had the second half, should have been 2-0 with Bent missing a sitter.

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I was totally perplexed by the substitutions, I always thought the best policy was to take the worst players off. I can't remember the last time i watched villa give so much time and space to the opposition, and sit so deeply in a home game. very strange all in all.

Given - 8 made some fine saves

Hutton - 5 Gave the ball away too often

Collins - 6 Did enough, although some sloppy passes

Dunne - 6 as collins, poor marking for the goal conceeded

Warnock - 6 Good tackles, but gave the ball away too often

Zog - 4 Looks and plays like he's suffering from depression. Should have been substitued

Delph - 5 Not much better than Zog. Should have been substitued

Petrov - 7 Made some fine runs and tackles. Didnt deserve to be taken off

Bannan - 6 Set up the goal, but doesnt seem too comfortable on the wing

Bent - 5 Should have scored, didnt get much service

Gaby - 7 Scored, and caused the defence problems when he could

Alby - 5 Didnt create much

Ireland - 6 Some good passes when he got the ball

Motm - Given

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Forgot to mention a plus point though. We are unbeaten with Bent & N'Zogbia being largely shit so far this season.

One thing that annoys me though is why our strikers always miss sitters when we're 1-0 up as opposed to 3-0. I thought the purchase of Bent would stop this but nevermind.

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Delph a cabbage, N'Zogbia a worthless shagsack, Phallic McLeish clueless, Given world-class, Gabby very good when he got the ball, great battling from Warnock, great work from Bannan for the goal, Petrov did well.

All round pretty woeful.

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Pretty much awful over all. Still no balance to the side

That said, I think it shows what us lot know when a lot of us were saying Newcastle were crap. Not today they werent

I bet Wolves and Baggie fans are thinking exactly the same about QPR & Swansea

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oooooh another draw

im alive with pleasure now....

we are so poor...newcastle dominated possession against us and they are shit.....

Bent is woefully out of form and missing his one chance a game opportunities and i dont know what Zogs is playing at but the french **** needs to pull his finger out of his arse....

Negatives -



Zero presence in midfield... we just seem happy to watch the other team play football


Gabbys form

Shay 'Im the best keeper in the world' Given

Hutton played better

Bannan looked tasty in the final third

got to mention Stephen Warnock...brilliant committed performance from him

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McLeish will never bring any silverware of success to this club. Whats up with the negative tactics? We look good when playing proper football so why do we stop doing that for large spells of every match so far this season? Only after Newcastle scored, we started playing again.

Albrighton and Ireland changed the game, like they did at Everton. Delph, Nzogbia and Bent were abysmal. Hutton doesnt look good either.

Given world class today, Warnock very good defensively second half and Dunne good again, Newcastle goal was offside.

With the draws, we look like this seasons Fulham. 34k today, many left the game early.

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