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RIP - The Birmingham Evening Mail's Football Forums


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I like quite a few posters on VT started my posting 'career' on the football forums of the Evening Mail. For those of you who don't know there was one for Villa and one for Blues.

I think I managed to rack up well over 2000 posts on there before seeing the light and posting on here a lot more regularly and then exclusively. In what will be music to the Mods ears the biggest reason I left was lack of proper moderation. People who clearly had multiple ID's, abusive posters, every thread being ruined by WUM's from the Blues forum and visa versa were left unchecked despite the complaints of regular posters. Eventually what was a great forum about 5 years ago was ruined.

The Mail promised to sort it out and did nothing and eventually resolved it by closing them about a month ago. I only found out yesterday when I made a very rare trip there to have a look. When it worked it was a nice forum as having much fewer posters than say VT you got to 'know' them a little more.

I've no regrets but I know there are a few of us who migrated to VT so I thought I would stick up this thread if nothing else to let them know.

Apparently its family flowers only and there will be no wake!

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all other forums on the internet should be shut down.

i hope you're not including Gheyer Online in that :x


Still saving coins for fairy wings and a pink skirt on my avi ffs :x

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I'd be interested to know how many former Evening Mail Forum posters there are on VT. Anyone care to own up?

I liked having the criac with the noses on there from time to time. It was the only forum my work didn't filter.

Then it started turning into on topic here so stopped posting.

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