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Prometheus - Alien prequel..or is it..


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According to Ridley Scott and co. its not an Alien prequel but a different film

but set in the same universe as Alien ...whatever that means

some leaked stills :-


looks pretty Alien 1 ish to me

only official released image so far :-


Apparently filming is pretty much all done but not due for release till next summer

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Story's gonna be focused on the origins of the Mala'kak (Space Jockey), isn't it? Hoping they draw something from the old Dark Horse comics, where they used seeding ships like the derelict in Alien to strip planets of life, then terraform and harvest the planet's natural resources from the safety of space.


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Its an Alien prequel. The entire (alleged) plot has leaked online, and being honest with you, it sounds shifty. It does focus on the Space Jockey story but there are shots of some quite familiar eggs that have leaked from ComicCon...

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So...it is a prequel? Isn't a prequel? Has xenomorphs in it? Doesn't? Or don't we know at all. I like the idea of a Space Jockey story, but presumably the film has people in it, which means humans encounter them x years before the events of Alien? Heh, what ever the case may be, I'll still go see it. Liked all of the previous movies, including resurrection. That human/alien hybrid thing is still one of the creepiest looking things I've ever seen in a film, which makes the whole thing worthwhile.

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I'm a fan of Rdiley Scott and if anyone was going to touch this franchise then I'm glad it was him. Part of me still wishes they had left it alone though...

My main concern about it its been co-wrote by Lindelof (Lost writer)

The ambiguity of it being an Alien prequel or not seems in running with his sort of bullshit.

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Its nothing to do with Alien.

They are saying its in the same universe so Scott can do similar visuals that he liked doing and give a sense of intrigue resulting in big bucks for 20th Century Fox.

Look at the leaked stills pics in the link posted above.

looks like alien eggs and space jockey ship to me in some of those pics.

Tho yes Ridley Scott is keen to emphasise its not a direct Alien prequel..as such...

its been given a pretty massive budget .

This could be great or could be a potential disaster.

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Cant wait for this!!

Although as good as Ridley Scott is (blade runner,gladiator my fav films ever made) cant remember the last real good film he has made since Gladiator?? Think he has lost his touch.

Very true.

Robin Hood last year was supposed to be pretty crap. Tho not seen myself.

The last Ridley Scott film think i saw was Kingdom Of Heaven which was crap.

Looked nice but was crap.

Bladerunner and Alien 1 were truely visionary films but he really hasnt done anything to match those for very longtime.

Having said that im still looking forward to see what he can conjure up here - good or bad it cant be any worse than the Alien Vs Predator films.

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Ridley Scott flicks.

Love: Alien, Blade Runner, White Squall, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster.

Like: 1492, Matchstick Men.

Indifferent: Legend , Thelma & Louise, G.I. Jane .

Disappointed: Kingdom of Heaven.

WTF are you at you silly clearing in the woods!: Robin Hood.

The man owes his fans after that last steaming chunk of gelatinous bile.

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Id forgot he did Black hawk Down

Decent film.

Bladeunner and Alien 1 are the two that really stand out still

But Yeh he has to get this right.

just hope he can conjure up something good here.

On paper some things sound very good already -ie- been given a massive budget , decent cast , been given a long time for post production(filming has already finished apparently and its not due to next summer) , HR Giger was involved in design again.

There really isn't room for excuses .

Tho just hope that Damon Lindelof hasnt gone all silly twists/time travel/random scifi gibberish with the script

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