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I don't like that team one little bit. If that is our best team I am very worried for the season ahead. There are only 3 people in that team who can pass with any consistency
My point exactly...Its a line up to shut up shop and close down Fulham's play, rather than a line up to take the game to Fulham. Heskey is in there because he closes down the play and grafts for the ball. Where's the brains in midfield to orchestrate attacking play? And where's the crosses from wide areas coming from to support Bent ?

I don't see how this team will shut up shop though, which also concerns me. We won't win the ball until it reaches our back 4, so will probably be defending a lot on our 18 yard box and conceding lots of possession as we whack the ball out of defense. I don't see how this team can possibly go out there to draw the game 0-0, but I don't see how we will keep the ball long enough to score a goal. It looks to me like we will knock it long out wide to Emile hope to hell he can give it to Charles and he can feed Bent or Gabby.

Our middle two of Petrov and Delph are going to look horrible as they get passed around, Petrov unable to get anywhere near the ball and Delph getting there just late enough to catch the man and get booked. I hope to god this doesn't happen but I can already feel my frustration build as we keep loosing the ball from poor passing and a lack of decent movement.

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