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bannan and gardner actually passing and moving in centre midfield. not the best end to the move, but good to see the youngsters have some ambition to actually play decent football

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The worst thing to come out of this matcj is Dunne and Collins. Liabilities or what

I thought they did well, far too busy with no protection in front of them - they've done about a months worth of defending and only conceded two goals.

They both still do that thing when they run out for a ball that they are never going to get to though. Thats happened a few times and we end up with a gaping hole in the middle of Collins in particular gives away a stupid free kick.

Ball distribution is horrendous as best too.

Granted it does not help when the midfield gets totally over run which is something that is going to happen to us week in week out in the premier league which will be our downfall in most games

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