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RESERVES : 2011/12 season/stats


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He was a trialist last season and I think we gave him a deal, although I'm not totally sure. IIRC he was at Spurs before then.

It finished 0-0 in the end, although Daniel Johnson apparently had a decent chance to win it at the end.

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Final score: 2-1 to the Toffees

Our goalscorer: Daniel Johnson

Team: Siegrist; Herd, Williams, Donacien, Lowry; Carruthers (Darkin 62), Gardner, Johnson, Cameron; Burke (Taylor 46), Robinson.

Substitutes not used: Barrett, Caira, Bryan.

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Finished 3-1 to Villa tonight. Summary below.

0-1 Bolton midfield player cut in and hit a slightly deflected right foot shot which looped over Siegrist into the top corner from outside the area.

1-1 Gardner ran on to a Burke through ball and struck his shot against the crossbar, Robinson following up managed to lift the ball to the far post where Gardner controlled and half volleyed into the far corner.

2-1 Freekick from the right corner of the area hit in low by Gardner, Williams met at the near post the ball bobbled around him and he kept it alive before Burke hit the loose ball into the bottom corner.

3-1 Burke ran onto a ball over the top into the channel and crossed for Gardner who was bundled off the ball, Carruthers arrived on the far side of the area to curl a 20 yard, left footed shot into the far top corner.

Bolton as you may probably expect where physically superior and with Villa fielding a very young and inexperienced side it took them a while to gain a foothold in the game, the early goal conceeded didn't help matters. As usual Kevin MacDonald was barking instructions and several of the lads needed the telling off early in the game to switch them on to the task in hand. Jordan Graham and Courtney Cameron in the wide areas found the going tough as Bolton ensured that both were well shackled up against 2 players forcing them inside into traffic. However, it wasn't long before Daniel Johnson and Gary Gardner wrestled the initiative away from the Bolton midfield and ran the show, Gardner particularly impressing.

Further up the field Graham Burke played in a relatively free role off the front and although at times he wasn't close enough to be in contact with Robinson, he was fantastic in the second half picking up the bits in between the midfield and defence and causing havoc.

Bolton fought back late in the game at 2-1 and created a couple of chances including a shot from close range which hit the bar, but Villa were in control for long periods of the game and but for a little bit of luck could have gone it at halftime ahead. Villa overall played some lovely football and tore Bolton apart at times, it is though clear that some of the lads are very inexperienced and physically have some work to do.

1. Benjamin Siegrist

Relatively untroubled and could do nothing about the goal which looped over his head. Made one good save from a long range shot and a couple of decent saves from headers. Definitely has a good chance of playing at a decent level, although it is very difficult for a goalkeeper to make it at his first club unless they are exceptional.

2. Joshua Webb

First time I've seen this lad in action, he struggled in the first half up against Topi Obadeyi who has league experience and has the physique of a professional athlete. Once he's settled into the game and as Villa started to excert some control he was relatively tidy.

3. Derrick Williams

Made a couple of fantastic long range passes from the left back position, where I think he looks less comfortable. Moved into the middle in the second half and was relatively assured. I've alwatys seen Williams as one of the players with the potential to go on to play first team football, however I wonder if he is going to be good enough to be the ball playing central defender that he naturally attempts to be. It seems that central defenders fall into two broad categories, your hardman who sees the danger and deals with the danger at all costs type or someone who can defend but is more composed, stays on their feet and can play, the second type is a rare commodity, I hope Williams can be that defender for Villa.

4. Gary Gardner

Started the game slowly and looked a little disinterested, it didn't take long before he had hold of the game and ran the midfield seemingly with ease. He could have had a hatrick on another day such was the regularity and quality of his movement beyond the forwards or into the box. The way he takes the ball in, relaxes on it and picks out a pass is impressive to say the least, his knack of scoring goals is priceless. As the game wore on he was nicking the ball off the Bolton midfield and looked the most assured and accomplished player on the pitch, had a memorable dribble past 2 or 3 players before being hacked down on the edge of the box a stride or two before what would have been a great chance on goal. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will play Premier League football with Aston Villa.

5. Janoi Donacien

Looked a little bit shaky in the first half and was subsitituted at half time.

6. Shane Lowry

What you see is what you get with Lowry, assured and robust at the back, loves a tackle and loves to defend. I don't think he is ever likely to get near the first team other than in an injury crisis but he will certainly forge a career in league football as his various loan spells have proved he is capable of. A real rock at this level.

7. Jordan Graham

Showed within a minute or so his fantastic talent with the ball at his feet. Due to the way Bolton dealt with the widemen, it was a test for such a young boy to deal with not just being able to rip a fullback to shreds with pace and skill. It took him a while to come to terms with Bolton but each touch showed his rare talent, as the half wore on he did a good job of retaining possession and creating space without ever being able to be a huge threat himself. It was clear that he didn't really fancy getting around the back post for a header and at times was stood on his heels when he should have been breaking his neck to offer an option. He really has some ability and is as good on the ball as I have ever seen for a 16 year old, more to come from him but in a game where he perhaps wasn't as effective as he might have been he shows glimpses of being absolutely top class.

8. Daniel Johnson

Much like Gardner, once the pair had taken control of the game, they looked a class above the opposition. Johnson is more of an all action player than Gardner and has the complete game to operate as a central midfield player, able to break up the play and have the composure and ability to control a situation and pick a pass. It is noticeable at this level his unnering knack of going in for a loose ball with one or more opposition players and somehow coming out with it at his feet! Good on the ball and able to mix it, I can see him playing league football, although I have question mark over whether he has enough to make it with Aston Villa. I would certainly expect to see him forge a good career as a pro.

9. Callum Robinson

Worked his socks off and never stopped running all night, might have grabbed a goal for his efforts on another night. He did struggle a little bit up against 2 physical central defenders and it was noticeable in the second half that he wanted to run in behind instead of taking it in front of the defender and dealing with him at his back. He has really good feet and there is definitely something about him, although as a skinny 16 year old it is hard for him to get away from an opponent even when he could probably out run them. Definitely has a chance of making it, if he keeps working as hard as tonight then the fans would love him, fantastic finisher as well.

10. Graham Burke

Played off the front which is a bit of a luxury position because he has no real responsibilities and can put himself into good attacking positions. Grew into the game and caused all sorts of problems, played a lovely ball through for Gary Gardner and showed some great footwork, by full time he looked every bit a player worthy of a spot on the first team bench. Last time I saw Burke at this level against Wigan he looked a little bit lost and unsure of what positions to take up, tonight once his confidence was up he looked a real threat and Bolton had no answer to his movement. Very impressed tonight but I'm not sure you can play that position in the Premier League so he would have to drop into a wide position or play up front, definitely another one who has a chance to make it.

11. Courtney Cameron

Another decent winger who had a tough night. He still delivered the most dangerous crosses of either side and is very accomplished high up in the opponents half. I've seen Courtney quite a few times now and I'm still struggling to make a judgement on him, he has decent pace, great feet on his day and his crossing has been fabulous the last couple of times I have seen him. However, he seems to struggle to put all the elements together and the lack of players in the box doesn't do his crossing justice. I think he'll probably make it somewhere but I suspect it is more likely to be at the level of his first club, Northampton Town, than Aston Villa. That said, he is one who could surprise me because he has all the elements needed to be a decent wide player.

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thanks andy, very good detailed report, can you go into greater detail regarding jordan graham's performance please?

He was generally pretty tidy, early on he'd found going down the sides to be a dead end and with Bolton doubling up on him he had to move the ball on more quickly. He had a couple of runs down the right and got to the byline a couple of times but failed to deliver much of a cross, Courtney Cameron on the other side looked more dangerous in his crossing.

There is no doubt that he has bags of talent, on this occasion he had to play a slightly different type of game to the one he'd like to play. His touch and ability on the ball is unbelievable and in terms of raw ability I would think he is probably the most talented player at the club. The biggest doubt at the moment is over the physical element, that is not to say he didn't get involved but you can see that he wants to get on the ball and skin his opponent with a trick rather than have to risk any nasty stuff. He also struggled a little bit getting in touch with Robinson and was happy to sit off and wait for a chance to get the ball and have a run rather than chase a defender down.

I gather that the previous regime had told him that he could play with the first team this season, hopefully that will be the case. I think both Graham and Robinson are struggling a little bit with the rise from U16 to U18 and then to reserve team football in the space of 12 months, both are 16 and were fast tracked from U16 football last season simply because there was little point in them turning out for the U16 side each week. To go from a level where players of Graham's quality can destroy a team single handedly, to one with bigger lads who are smarter and then on to playing against full time professionals in such a short time is testament to his ability, hopefully he learns quick. It certainly seemed that he realised that he wasn't going to be able to murder the fullback all night and did a good job of retaining possession and moving the ball on whilst still offering a threat.

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