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The Next Villa Manager Part 3


Who do you want as the next Villa manager  

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  1. 1. Who do you want as the next Villa manager

    • Moyes
    • Benitez
    • McClaren
    • Martinez
    • Hughes
    • Poyet
    • Coyle
    • Rijkaard
    • Other (Please State)

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bensmith_Times Ben Smith

Have seen the email #AVFC sent to #BCFC. Explosive stuff from both sides but what is clear is Villa want McLeish.

I've seen that email as well. It said:

so ur manager left liek? mwahahaha!!!!!1111

We can all pretend we have seen an email when there is no chance we have seen it.

Either that or Yeung and his associates are whoring again, exactly like the Robbie Keane scenario.

Either way, it smells like a massive pile of bullshit to me. The journo could have posted an extract from the email if there was an ounce of truth in it.

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So we sent an email to small heath telling them we can talk to their ex manager if we want to?

Whats point of that?

Blues director e-mailed Villa to basically state they cannot speak to McLeish without their permission and it will cost us. Effectively sounding out our interest to see if they can recover some cash, to which Villa's response was he's resigned we can speak to him IF WE WISH i.e. Blues JOG ON. Great response.

Whilst this is brilliant, how do you know?

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Ben Smith from The Times

Have seen the email #AVFC sent to #BCFC. Explosive stuff from both sides but what is clear is Villa want McLeish.

I'm feeling sick.

Blimey, you and me both!

I think I may actually cry if mc-boring gets made our manager. I thought it couldnt get worse than benitez and McLaren.

Surely the board would not do this to us, hes an awful awful manager. Shite boring football that doesnt work in the Prem, he might do well to bring us back in 2013 though :cry:

I actually just threw up in my mouth after reading that quote. However, he must of deleted it from his twitter because it isn't on there now.

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I've just listened to the report on SSN... and Rob the kno* with the supposed Sky Sports sources has just said... NOTE CAREFULLY

AVFC haven't contacted B'ham City in any formal way... it was done in a more casual way... "Is he available?"

As if Randy Lerner would in anyway conduct business like that?!!!

WE ALL KNOW how Randy has conducted the club's affairs regarding finding a new manager because Whelan told everyone!!!

This is all made up rubbish to get Villa fans baying for Randy's blood, that's what.

Someones telling porkies because Tom Ross has stated it was the Blues director who intially made contact, I agree, they have seen the fans reactions so know people will now be glued to to everything.

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Dont know why we bothered repsonding.

We seemed to be very quick to emphasise didn't contact Hughes etc ...

and yet we act coy and say we can speak to this idiot McLeish if we wish.

Not funny Villa just crap

the club never said a word about hughes. we contacted fulham, who then said that we had talked to them

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Also if this email was bone fide... SSN would be ALL over it...

NO way would they be mentioning their sources beleive that we've approached BCFC in a more casual way bla bla bla

Not forgetting the bookies.. Oh yes one of whom just happens to be SkyBet..... will make a fortune out of money placed on fictional candidates!!!

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Why would the board consider McLeish but disregard Hughes.

Makes no sense whatsoever.

McLeish left his club in more acrimonious circumstances than Hughes did.

If Hughes' resignation put Randy off, why hasn't he been put off by McLeish's resignation?

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I have been a member of VT for a very long time and as you can see I don't post much but I read the forum most days. I always love the debate and think it is amazing that we all want the same for Villa which is success but it how we get there divides so much opinion!

I have always been an optimistic supporter of Aston Villa and even in the darker times with various managers I have always tried to look for the positives (I even wanted to give Dr Jo another season!).

However, reading on Sky Sports news that we want to talk or contact Alex McLeish is beyond belief. I don't care that it is a former Small Heath manager it is just the fact he is not even at the standard of managing Aston Villa. He has been relegated twice with the knuckle draggers, plays negative long ball tactics and is surely the most unexciting manager we could ever have.

If we are trying to keep the likes of Downing and Bent we obviously need to be showing as a club we are moving forward and trying to attract the best players. I do not think that McLeish is realistically going to be able to do this.

I will be very disappointed and upset with the board if they appoint him. If they had any real ambition they wouldn't be looking at a manager of McLeish's standard.

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thegoalzone Tom Ross

This has come after Villa responded to an e mail from Blues director to director in writing

Smoke mirrors... BCFC write to Villa to see if those naughty boys in B6 are after their ex manager?

Hmmm I'm convinced now that Alex McCleish was Randy's number 1 target ALL along.. We just waited for a Director of BCFC to email us??!!!!

This is ALL crazy stuff.....

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