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Situation vacant... who do you want as the new Villa manager

Who would you like as our new manager?  

684 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you like as our new manager?

    • Moyes
    • Jol
    • Hughes
    • Coyle
    • Benitez
    • Lambert
    • Poyet
    • Martinez
    • Ancelotti
    • Deschamps
    • McLaren

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I silling to say it will 100% not be McClaren. I have faith in Randy and I think we should all know he's not that stupid.

on Betfair you can lay him off at 3.5/1.

i'm thinking of doing it myself, as i'm 100% sure it won't be McClaren as well.

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Matt Kendrick isn't always right you know.

whats more is that he only says what hes been told. its very easy for the club to use the media for their own devices if they want, by putting out things to buy them wiggle room elsewhere

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just stuck 100 on rafa

that should pay for my 5* summer holiday

this is all working out nicely

don't ask how I know - I just know

is that £100? or 100 roubles?

if its £100, thats very brave of you!!!

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So it's not Jol or Ancelotti, and Hughes is apparently ruled out too. I find it unlikely that Moyes would move sideways from Everton, so I'm not sure who that leaves who i'd really. I'm warming to the idea of Rijkard I think.

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If we look at his performance with a team finishing 5th/6th in their league, he took them to winning the league in his first season there. If he can take a team normally finishing 5th/6th in their league like us and push us on, then it would be good.

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I'm not being fickle here but if we get McLaren I'm not renewing my season ticket. People will probably say the club don't need fans like me, but following the Houllier appointment, this'll be the 2nd time the board haven't listened to the fans, who clearly know their stuff, about who they want.

We're not expecting Mourinho or Guardiola..... But McLaren?

Shopping at the Bull Ring with the missus on a Saturday afternoon it will be.

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