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Situation vacant... who do you want as the new Villa manager


Who would you like as our new manager?  

684 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you like as our new manager?

    • Moyes
    • Jol
    • Hughes
    • Coyle
    • Benitez
    • Lambert
    • Poyet
    • Martinez
    • Ancelotti
    • Deschamps
    • McLaren

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Bringing in Ancelotti with Wilkins as his number 2 would put out a huge signal of ambition and intent from Randy. I think that we'll end up with Mark Hughes though but I'd prefer Moyes to Hughes.

totally this.

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Come on guys we all know Deschamps is the best guy..He has achieved everywhere, he is young, modern, has all the right connections, he well respected..

Come-on he is a proper coach that will take us places. CHANGE YOUR VOTE to Deschamps..

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Why is Hughes third favourite? Come on people, look at that list.

Believe it or not alot of us would like to see him at our club, Fulham have always been known for there slick passing, a continuation of that at villa which GH layed down, hed might even bring zamora with him!!

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It's going to be Hughes, isn't it.

Can someone who's voted for him please sell him to me because I'm feeling totally underwhelmed by the prospect of him being our next manager.

I'll attempt to!

Hughes should be available for free so not effect our budget. He is a winner. Has experience with loads of money at Man City and also a shoestring at Fulham.

He could (although it doesn't always work like this) bring Ireland back into the fold and make him great again.

He might be able to get Given to join us.

He's young and can start a possible legacy. He saw a great manager work and you'd hope some of that rubbed off on him.

He's NOT the finished article but he has a lot going for him.

1) We should never base the managers job on penny pinching.

2) I do not want Ireland back in the fold, this is the guy who "gave up" on this club which is a disgrace.

3) Given? After the comment you made about Hughes on a budget, where do we win by giving a massive last pay day to a goalkeeper when we can go get somebody who can stay in goal for 10 years?

4) Roy Keane watched a great man too.

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I'd have mixed feelings if Hughes was appointed tomorrow. I'd be disappointed that we didn't even attempt to go after a more prestigious manager. At the same time I'd be glad that its been dealt with early and Hughes would have the entire summer to get the squad he wants and stamp it down his own way!

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I'd go Deschamps* > Ancelotti* > Martinez > Rafa* > Moyes

BUt only if teh * can provce they're in it for teh long haul. We need a base to build on Moyes would be solid but unspectacular - I'n really warming to Martinez!!

I want Total Football!

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I think I will go all Mark Chapman on Randy if we end up with at grinning ginger chipmonk McClown and his brolly. How the **** we can even contemplate a man whose own supporters ripped up and threw season tickets at him is beyond me. Decent coach. Awful manager.

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