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Situation vacant... who do you want as the new Villa manager

Who would you like as our new manager?  

684 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you like as our new manager?

    • Moyes
    • Jol
    • Hughes
    • Coyle
    • Benitez
    • Lambert
    • Poyet
    • Martinez
    • Ancelotti
    • Deschamps
    • McLaren

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Just seen on twitter fans are trying to get a gathering down Villa Park tomorrow night, 6pm in the North Stand car park to '#getcarlotovilla'. Not sure that's gonna work..

Will make us look very small time!

"Here's a quality manager, lets get down on our knees and beg"

It should be an honour to manage Villa, we shouldn't have to beg!

I'm under the impression some fans actually think it's gonna be announced tomorrow, and be there for the 'welcoming'. Enthusiasm is all well and good but way too far ahead of themselves.

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The amounts matched on each potential person on Betfair make interesting reading. It seems loads of people piled in when Hughes resigned!!

Hughes £168,656

Ancelloti £15,549

McLaren £13,653

Its amazing the money some people place on bets. More money than sense.

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I'll tell you why it won't be Carlo, and it's only just really dawned on me;

We are Aston Villa... when was the last time something like this ACTUALLY happened to us?

That's right, never.

Number 39, come on down!

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The main point about Ancelotti, is if he takes the job, he believes in the ambition and future intentions of Randy Lerner. The guy could pretty much walk into any job globally. It is the fact that Randy will have promised substantial backing to make this work, Ancelloti will come here with the intention to win trophies, not be middle of the road.

I doubt he will become our manager. I dont doubt Randys ambition, just dont think its as great as Carlo will want to hear.

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Surely he'll make kaka his first signing?

haha. I know you're joking, and I also realise it's ridiculous. But as soon as I saw Ancelotti linked with us, that was the first thing that popped into my head!

Surely if carlo is ocming here we have the ambition and money to back his plans for world domination!

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