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the away one will sell as its considered different from previous ugly bright barca kits, but if any other nike team had that as their away it wouldnt go down well, us for example, a plain black shirt? i dont know what you'd say 1st, keeper or training top

the home IMO really looks like a cheap nike training top and from some other leaks ive seen is a template which if i was the biggest team in the world id also be pissed about

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I wish rich people from the U.A.E would **** off..

Team Dubai, Man City and now they've **** up a Barca shirt?

After 6 seasons of wanting Barca to do well, all I can say is Hala Madrid..

[pedant]Qatar is a separate country to the UAE [/pedant]

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Milan much?

Havent Manchester City been playing in a red and black striped away kit (on and off) since the sixties?

I post on a couple of sites and on both of them somebody has made a snarky comment about the Manchester City kit being the same colours as AC Milan within a few posts of the kit being linked, almost as if its the first time they have ever seen a red and black City shirt.





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There's usually a distinction between them though.

Man City shirts rarely go red/black/red without some different coloured piping between the stripes.

They have even put gold umbro and sponsor on their shirts.

The new one is just a milan shirt with a city badge.

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