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Ratings and reactions: Man City 3-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

127 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Bradley
    • Delph
    • Petrov
    • Bannan
    • Herd
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso
    • Heskey
    • A Young (for Bradley 71)
    • Downing (for Delfouneso 71)
    • Walker (for Dunne 83)
    • The fans

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Brad - no chance with goals

Herd - got stuck in, like the look of him

Dunne - don't like him, but didn't do anything wrong

Clark - unlucky for goal, played well

Delph - great considering lack of games and out of position. Big future in midfield.

Gabby - OK but not threatening enough. Move to wing hasn't benefitted anyone.

Petrov - Too old, too slow.

Bradley - OK, nothing special, but give him games.

Bannan - worked really hard, passed well. Big future.

Fonz - worked hard, would like to see him in the middle.

Heskey - no idea. didn't see him. waste of space.

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For **** sake. We lost away to a team 9 places above us in the league, why can't there ever be sensible discussion in the r&r thread. Funnily enough reading post after post of expletives isn't immensely interesting.

When we won at the weekend the R&R thread was full of people running away with themselves wondering whether we could still make 6th and possibly europe that IMO is equally interesting.


Fine if you don't agree with the team selection but personal attacks on Houllier are tedious to say the least. How about something a bit more constructive ...

Who played badly? Where was Bradley for their third? Who should have picked up Toure? How can we improve.

Annoying over reactions plague this forum, I'm sure the away fans will be able to speak for themselves when they get back.

'Houllier out 'is also 100% pointless.

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Wrong response from Gerard. They are not our first team. They are internationals but not first choice internationals like Young and Downing.
Agreed. He should have said something about it. On one hand he doesn't want to badmouth the players he DID use but he saturated the side in youth and inexperience. Daft.

Also agreed. How will those players react the next time he asks them to play. "Nah it's okay just use your first team internationals instead." Idiot!

* I also change my vote of MOTM to the fans.

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There's no shame in going out away to Man City. There's huge shame in not trying to win.

I've supported Houllier from the start but capitulation is the one thing I can't stand in football. What a joke.

I'm neutral on Houllier now. If he was sacked in the morning I wouldn't give a toss.

And also - just how much **** rest does the modern footballer need? What a farce!

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Friedal - 6 - Decent didn't think he was at fault for any of the goals.

Herd - 6 - Got stuck in and made some good interceptions

Dunne - 6 - Strong and steady gave us that bit of physical precense

Clark - 8 - Thought he was fantastic.

Delph - 6 - Good on the ball and did not get caught out to often

Petrov - 5 - Captain fantastic he most certainly is not

Bradley - 4 - Looked of the pace and some wayward passing always a big ask though throwing him in against this

Bannan - 7 - Only one of the midfield who looked to get it down and look for a pass forward

Agbonlahor - 6 - Looked lost out wide again but worked hard

Heskey - 4 - Shite is the only word i can think off won and held the ball up at no point in this game

Delphonseo - 6 - Same as Gabby.

Downing - 6 - Picked up the ball and tried to make something happen with no help from Heskey and co.

Young - 3 - Can somone tell me what he does in the middle?

Walker - 6 - Helped the team actually look to get the ball forward as an outlet

A strange team selection indeed but i think once again the senior players let the team down Petrov and Heskey offered **** all.

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I cant be arsed to write up a rating and reaction for the game, mostly because it seems the club couldnt be arsed to try and win.


So here is a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head.

That's the best thing I have seen all night. Made me laugh anyway. :D

I can't really be bothered to get into talking about the match. It was all down to Houllier and he has done his best to get us knocked out of the cup. We could quite easily have gone all the way. Thank you Gerard (prick) Houllier.

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Friedel, not a lot he could do with the lack of help the defense gave him.

Dunne and Clark, they were there, anyway.

Herd at right back, eh. Delph at left back, eh. Not really working.

Petrov, just, just, yikes. Perhaps the worst performance I've seen from him.

Bradley and Bannan looked good in the first half, dunno what happened, aside from being stranded in a too weak and/or inexperienced and/or out-of-position side try to hold it all together and keep it up in the second.

Delfouneso couldn't get the ball enough, but at least tried to do something when he could. Team looked for the increasingly Gabby and heskey too often.

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The players that went out there were hamstrung before we'd even started the game. Houllier's desire to play 451 with 2 short, inexperienced midfielders as fullbacks meant that the 2 strikers who were playing as wingers were forced even deeper than usual to help them out. This left our lone forward 30+yards away from his nearest teammate.

That Heskey was the lone frontman just compounded the nightmare.

Houllier is making the same frustrating mistakes that MON did, by stubbornly sticking to a formation that isn't working and playing people out of position when there's naturals on the bench or even left out of the team.

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Paid no attention to the game as I was doin my dnb radio show at the time, but I saw the team selection and knew we'd be spanked. I feel sorry for the fans who paid hard earned cash to go up there, you should all get a refund.

As far as I'm concerned I'm not spending a single penny on the club til Houllier has **** off. We won't go down and we wont finish in the top half, so the season is over already. What a shite season, it reminds me of GT MKII all over again. 15th place here we come!

Bollocks to it all.

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GH has shot himself in the foot.

Surely, SURELY there must be better options than

Delfouneso Herd (WTF?!) Dunne Clark Delph (WTF?) Agbonlahor



Jim Beglin is a complete tosser... I mean for **** sake watch the game.

Young, Downing, you might as well piss off because if our ambition is to make sure we finish tenth as opposed to winning a medal, then I wouldn't blame them.

Houllier, what a disrespectful rocket polisher.

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I'd pressed 'submit' before I realised there was an option to choose the fans!

Imo GH can't do right for doing wrong in some peoples eyes, even if it had been our strongest 11, some people would still have found something to moan about. At the end of the day I can't imagine there are many people who are genuinally suprised that we have lost away at Man City. I agree that the team selection was on the young and inexperienced side, especially against a very strong Citeh side, but with the table being as close as it is at the moment, the league has to be our priority.

There is nothing I would like more than to win the FA cup this season, but chances are its not going to happen - well its not now! GH has made it clear tonight that he is concentrating on the league, and when all is said and done, I can't blame him.

The whole season, in so many ways, has been a write off and I just hope GH gets in what is glaringly obvious when it comes to signings.


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I'm really unsure what i make of all that.

was it an FA Cup tie or a training session?

The ability to pass the ball was impressive.....the physical approach and the ability to spot danger and close it down was thoroughly apalling.

The defensive work from this team is shocking.

I'm not convinced a full side would have done any better in terms of a result, because i think we have a serious defensive culture problem.

If someone had told me that Man City paid us to throw that.....I'd be hard pressed to question it.

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cant fault many of the players, think the manager has made us look very small time. gabby is getting worse not better, regardless of the position he is playing he should still be able to do the simple things such as passing. Petrov shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the pitch, too old and always slows the play down. Positive of the night - Bannan!

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I think there were some talented players on display for us and in fairness there were some good individual performances. I thought central midfielder Fabian Delph was excellent at left back, I liked our centre back combination and I thought central midfielder Chris Herd did well at right back although he struggled at centre back in the last ten minutes.

Bannan played well and though neither Delfouneso or Gabby got very involved they both had moments when they looked dangerous, albeit usually brief moments when they could escape their duties in covering the central midfielders at full back.

Heskey had a poor game by his recent standards and I thought that Petrov was well off the pace. I don't want to be too hasty in judging Bradley (even though I already did at half time) but he's going to have to go a long way to convince.

The fans too were excellent - a credit to the club.

The manager should hang his head in shame and in June, when he looks back on his time as Villa manager, I hope he always regrets ending the season here.

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