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Ratings and reactions: Man City 3-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

127 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Bradley
    • Delph
    • Petrov
    • Bannan
    • Herd
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso
    • Heskey
    • A Young (for Bradley 71)
    • Downing (for Delfouneso 71)
    • Walker (for Dunne 83)
    • The fans

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For **** sake. We lost away to a team 9 places above us in the league, why can't there ever be sensible discussion in the r&r thread. Funnily enough reading post after post of expletives isn't immensely interesting.

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For **** sake. We lost away to a team 9 places above us in the league, why can't there ever be sensible discussion in the r&r thread.

Citeh were there for the taking tonight IMO. That team selection put paid to any hopes of us playing Reading in the QF. We'll get **** Manyoo next season.

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Wrong response from Gerard. They are not our first team. They are internationals but not first choice internationals like Young and Downing.
Agreed. He should have said something about it. On one hand he doesn't want to badmouth the players he DID use but he saturated the side in youth and inexperience. Daft.
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i must say that despite being rather shite there were moments where we knocked the ball 'round rather nicely (mainly bannan) and delph looked pretty composed at times and held the ball well...i thought that bradley was pretty poor and i was quite disappointed with him, but too soon to judge him. Clearly the league is a priority and personally i'm happy with that, but i think houllier should have come out and said this, but realistically that's never going to happen. The most important thing is that this result does not hamper our league form, which fingers crossed is getting better, but we'll only find that out on saturday.

also heskey and petrov were rather rather poor.

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For **** sake. We lost away to a team 9 places above us in the league, why can't there ever be sensible discussion in the r&r thread. Funnily enough reading post after post of expletives isn't immensely interesting.

When we won at the weekend the R&R thread was full of people running away with themselves wondering whether we could still make 6th and possibly europe that IMO is equally interesting.

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we played shit yet again

yet again we play gabby as a left midfielder, is anyone actually suprised he was shit when he is clearly not capable of being a midfielder?

we double the shit selections by having our other fast direct attacking forward on the **** right of midfield.

you cant make this shit up you really cant

we play the ever pacey heskey up front against a back 4

we play herd at right back, we play weak as piss water petrov in the middle

i fully expect houliier to have said to petrov at half time

"stan are you injured?"

petrov " no boss"

GH " you **** will be if you play like that again you cvnt"

bradley did some tidy stuff but went missing.

herd was responsible for all 3 goals through **** ups

yes he put in some decent challenges in the second half but the damage had been done already, too little too late

there were lots of us calling for walker, young and ( i said NRC)_but downing also.

leaving it till the 77 th minute or what ever it was took the piss.

when walker came on he was **** furious

even if we had plyed our players tonight they would only have 1 game per week anyway for **** sake.

ALL the fans should get refund and it should come out of GH's wages aqnd should also get a free shirt or something for having to travel up there, pay moneny to support the club when it is live on tv and support the team despite the utter shit we had to sit through

GH, i like the style of football, i **** HATE your shitty gutlessness in allowing young to take corners and freekicks, putting players in their WRONG positions and then not caring that the players like gabby lose confidence in their ability.

young goes on wing or sit JUST in front of the midfield, downing ON THE **** LEFT and alby on the right

gabby ( bent normally) up front on his own

makoun and NRC in the middle

delph left back dunne and clark in the middle and walker on the left

that is BY FAR the best team in their best positions ( ok delph is not but he looks decent there yet again tonight bar a couple times at the end when they got a cross in )

GH gets a big fat 0 for tonight, **** coksmith

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As soon as that first goal went in the writing was on the wall.

Credit to the lads for trying to salvage what they could and attempting to play football, but playing football itself just isn't enough when you have your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded which is the effect that Mr H's starting lineup had.

There are a couple of bright spots though. Having seen the size of Silva standing alongside Bannan, I think BB has the potential to become a class player with experience. BB should study Silva's techniques, especially when making his shot selection.

Delph once again played well and showed composure on the ball.

Herd's tackling is old style classic stuff. He isn't afraid of any player. Oh if only we could clone Walker going forward with Herd's defence.

Mr H's next few days are going to be interesting. Did he really think that the starting team was good enough to win, or was he simple resting players to make the Prem games a priority ?

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I will still support him but that was a mistake. Similiar to what MON did back in Moscow.

I said before the game that I didn't really expect to come out with a win tonight, but to just give in before the game started was poor.

Safety in the league is now without doubt the priority now and I just hope that Gerard has plans to seriously climb the table now after that mess.

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Nice free kick Ashley. Can someone replace him from free kicks and corners. Just let Downing take them all please.

Dunne was very, very good. This bodes well for us the rest of the season. GH f'd up the team selection, big time. If we would have had NRC instead of Petrov, things would have been a bit different.

Walker being rested? He ain't even our player, so play him...lots.

Let's pretend this match didn't happen because it was embarassing.

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Didn't see the fans options before I voted, great as usual... my favourite being what I heard as "shake your backs, you've won **** all" hahaha.

Went for Bannan man of the match. Closely followed by Dunne and Clark. Nobody else showed up really. Felt for Delph because he always looked promising on the ball but would always stop moving once he was ten yards into their half, I guess with his defensive position in mind.

Feel for Herd too, not the time or the place to give him his first team debut. Anyone else reckon Walker came on wearing a bandage to pretend he wasn't fully fit before kick off? Maybe I'm being too paranoid/cynical.

Thought Bradley looked poor to be honest. Petrov much worse though, I like him but he just gives us no impetus at all. Gabby looked to be dropping far too deep most of the time too.

The team selection wouldve been lauded if we had got a result (a la Pires on saturday) but the fact is we didn't and it was incredibly naive to make so many changes. Ash OR Downing should have started and I would've gone for Fonz and Gabby tonight rather than leaving Heskey up on his own against their strong defence.

I just feel really flat because with a stronger first 11 we could have challenged. It's such a massive shame because we could have had Reading and then been back at Wembley.

Also I can't stand Mario Balotelli, what a prick.

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