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A big cup game for us. Some may say we shouldn't be concentrating too much on the cups given we aren't yet safe in the Premiership, my own opinion is that a good cup run can give endless confidence to a team especially with yesterday's showing.. A 'shock' win vs City and a good performance and we'll be riding high for our upcoming games in the Premiership. Also, a game at Wembley can't do us any harm (Last season vs Man U not withstanding :winkold: )

If we can manage to win this and we are 90 minutes away (vs Everton or Reading) from Wembley again and something I personally believe to be very reachable.

We have a few injuries keeping our defence pretty much locked-in. Cuellar is out for atleast another 3 weeks, Collins is also injured and possibly not back in contention for this game. I have not yet seen anything saying how long Baker is out for so he is also a doubt at the moment. Luke Young is also still a doubt as he made no appearance on the bench yesterday, even with a week in full training so may not yet be match fit. Leaving us with a fairly precarious position with possibly no left back. Meaning we are practically stuck with a defence of Walker, Dunne, Clark, Young/Baker (If fit)

I think some of us will be tempted to move forwards with the team we played yesterday but personally I think we need a few changes, if only to keep people fresh for the arguably more important game next Saturday.

I think this calls for a more defensive option to yesterday, I'd like to see the 2 centre midfielders playing a more defensive game, with a 3rd midfielder just in front of them who is more able at moving the ball forwards on the counter attack (the Quarterback if you will). Not 'In The hole' or Second Striker that we've been playing just behind the striker. I think that formation has it's merits and Young performed admirably there yesterday but putting Gabby or Albrighton on the wing in this game I fear will see them both looking lost and going missing in this game.

For me, I'd go with







Walker and Downing looked superb coming forwards on the right hand side vs Blackburn they will be tested a lot more defensively this time round but we often see our wingers switching sides during a game to ensure we are getting the best mix so for me as long as these guys are on the wings they will adjust to suit the game.

Some of Delph's passing vs Blackburn was sublime and putting him in the centre mid, taking the ball from Petrov (or NRC) and moving the ball forwards to the wings on the counter, I can see being our biggest threat in this match.

Strongly believe we need to go into this with a strong defensive set-up and playing both NRC and Petrov more defensively worked last time round - even if we rode our luck at times.

Who to put up front was the biggest problem for me, Heskey has been our best (non-cup tied) striker this season - which doesn't say a lot - so would be sensible to put him up top and allow him to hold up the ball and bring the wingers in to play up front.

I can also see Gabby up there as he was clearly rested (great decision) against Blackburn and could see him up top also for incredibly speedy counter-attacks which Heskey's hold-up play may not be suitable for in this game.

Either way I can see us nicking this and it would be a huge boost for the entire team. As long as we get a good performance, I don't mind too much what happens because they are a much stronger team, another performance like the last game at Eastlands and all the good 4 goals did us yesterday will be ruined.

UTV! Que Sera Sera.

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Man city could only draw today against fulham with a full strength front line. i dont think we will beat them on there patch but we have a chance of getting a draw and bringing them to villa park. they may rest players for this game as there fixture list is very congested.

i would go:







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Still think Man Citeh will have too much for us but I suppose we can't get much worse than the way we played in the league game there.

GK Friedel

RB Walker

CB Dunne

CB Clark

LB Baker

CDM Reo-Coker

RM Albrighton

LM Downing

CAM A. Young

CF Agbonlahor

CF Delfouneso

Thats if Collins, Cuellar and L. Young are not back and if Gabby and Baker are. I would love to see that team/formation start and for us to have a real go at them, won't happen though as there is no way in hell he will play 2 up top. Replay would be ok, win would be brilliant and a loss is expected. Nothing to lose, let's get at the ****!!! UTV

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The way I look at it is this...arseanl had too much for the blousers...yet they didn't win. If we have belief and some confidence I think we can get a draw and take it to them at villa park.

It will be tough but nothing would see me happier than to win a cup in my life time, I'm sick of hearing about how great we 'were' time to man up and get another major trophy in our grasp. We've won it 7 times before (apparently) so nothing is impossible right?

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Not holding much hope for this. We just don't get anything away to city ever.

The only game we have ever won at Eastlands was that game at the end of the season a couple of years ago, which was more or less a friendly because we were both confined to mid table. Citeh hadn't scored at home for the entire calender year and Barton blasted a penalty over the bar.

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I'd go with

-------------- Friedel --------------

Walker - Dunne - Clark - Young Unless Collins is fit then Clark to LB

----------- NRC - Delph ----------

-------------- Bradley ------------

Downing ------------------ Young

------------- Gabby --------------

A solid CM three with Delph pulling the strings and Bradley breaking to support Gabby.

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Rest as many as possible for this, Saturday showed the benefit of giving the players a rest.



Young Collins Clark Baker

Bradley Delph Petrov

Delfouneso Heskey Agbonlahor


That's still a pretty strong side and doesnt rely upon the players who have had to play through our entire fixture list.

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Is Baker fit?

I would play:


Walker, Dunne; Clark; Baker

NRC, Bradley

Downing, Young, Albrighton


But I´ll think it will be:


Walker, Dunne, Clark, Delph

Petrov, Bradley

Downing, Young, Agbonlahor


I´ll guess that´ll work too.....

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True, but 3 games in a week with the same team would take it out of any side. You would rarely see Man U start with a similar side for 3 games in 7 days.

That said, it's important to follow a win up with a good performance. If Delfouneso isnt featuring for the reserves, I'd like to see Young and Downing atleast rested.

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