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The Animal Planet TV channel (joint venture of the BBC and Discovery that shows nature documentaries... don't know if there's a UK version) has for several years counterprogrammed the Super Bowl with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FcZ9fEbUn8.

Myself, I voted "hate"... it's not much of an exaggeration.

(as far as Super Bowl counterprogramming goes,

is more to my taste)
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Im allergic to dogs which pisses me off so much as i would love a dog of my own.

Great animal as they have character and personality.

Exactly this wigg-meister.

I'm also allergic to cats though, and loads of other animals and things.

However, I'm not that allergic, and if careful could probably have a dog of my own. I'd need to move house though, as I live in an apartment.

The right dogs do have great character, personality and loyalty. They are great fun and great companions. They also however need a good deal of looking after that cats don't.

Dogs FTW. :P

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They also however need a good deal of looking after that cats don't.

Not really. The only difference is that dogs need a walk, which is something I enjoy anyway so don't really see as a chore.

True, but you also need to be "in" more for dogs, surely Mart?

Dogs need letting out to pee at regular intervals - cats come and go as they please.

The only thing you really need to do for a cat is food, essentially.

Dogs need walking and weeing and food, plus companionship really.

IMO it is quite cruel to leave a dog on its own for extended periods. They're sociable animals IMHO.

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Cats are words removed.

Love dogs though, except Chihuahuas, those are words removed.

Many small dogs are a PITA. They regularly suffer from small-dog complex except the Pug which is an exception. I'll see your Chihuahua and raise you a f**kin Pekingese. Yes the profanity was necessary.
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Without wishing revive the dogs v cats argument, we were in a local park recently, where there lives a cat which was quite the hardest cat I've ever seen. Very friendly and affectionate, but HUGE. It strolled into the outdoor seating area of the park cafe, where there were four or five dogs, and proceeded to scrounge food off the customers.


Every time a dog barked or made a move toward it, it just gave it a "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" look. One Jack Russell in particular looked absolutely terrified, trembling and hiding behind its owner's legs.


Truly the Chuck Norris of cats.

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here's my dog she's **** awesome






and just today I took my neighbours boxer for a walk down the park, the **** has a penchant for muddy puddles so I had to bring him back home and bath the bastard


here is what he looked like last time I took him for a walk



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