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Ratings & reactions: Villa 3-1 Blackburn


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Clark
    • Cuéllar
    • Baker
    • Walker
    • Pirès
    • Reo-Coker
    • Bannan
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso
    • Heskey
    • Downing (for Agbonlahor 46)
    • Collins (for Pirès 68)
    • Albrighton (for Delfouneso 72)

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Can only go off of what I heard on the radio which isn't much as I've been listening to Kerrang .

Guzan Got nowhere near the goal

Walker 3 out of 5 coconuts (Took the pen well )

Dunne A bit meh

Clark Some good facial expressions in the 2nd half

Baker Sent off for manslaughter off the legs

Petrov Went missing . Won a header and showed a lot of armband .

Pires Vital passes and mindblowing volleys from Bobby . It was like 2010 all over again .

Heskey Some useful stretches in the warm-up . Still looking for that elusive VP hat trick .

Gabby Looked confused for long periods. Was OK when the game began however .

Fonz Jumped the shark to get a head on Bannans long throw for the equalizer .

Bannan Unused sub today much to the Scotland manager Walter Smith's annoyance as he had flew in from Barbados to get a glimpse .

Downiing MOTM . Undeservedly IMO . I should have gave it Bannan .

You can't blame Guzan for not getting anywhere near the goal - after all he is on loan at Hull


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Interesting today, a good mix of stuff.

Friedel 8 - Some excellent saves, especially when it was 2-1.

Walker - 8 - Impressed with him going forward and he looked better defensively than I thought he would.

Cuellar - 7 - Seemed to enjoy being the senior man.

Clarke - 8 - Assured, confident, calm and a scorer. Future Captain; club and country.

Baker - 7 (6) - I've not seen a replay of the sending off, it was a long way away from me and I'm very biased but it looked a fifty-fifty and I thought Baker was the man fouled - he was the one more aggresively into it though and I guess that's why he was sent off, it also helped Blackburn that they had three players run thirty yards to scream for blood while ours shuffled about like zombies. For me I think it looked like either a booking for both or both sent off - but it could just be because I'm not exactly a neutral and my eyesight isn't great. Other than the sending off, I thought he'd done very well, he should probably have scored and he'd been having a good day - it was good to see him get a very supportive send off.

Bannan - 9 - The outstanding player on the pitch, ran the game for us and at times it seemed like it was him and 21 extras!

Reo Coker - 7 - Good performance from the skipper.

Pires - 7 - Can't run, can think. Good goal.

Delfouneso - 6 - Terrible in the first half, got a bit better as it went on and gets a bonus point for his goal. I've seen a lot of Nathan in the reserves and he's a lot better than this, Powderpuff.

Agbonlahor - 6 - Roasted Delgado, had him terrified and on the run, then let him off the hook by not really going past him again. Was he injured? I don't think he deserved to be substituted if he wasn't.

Heskey - 8 - Worked his socks off.


Downing - 6 - Terrible first five minutes then did reasonably well.

Collins - 7 -Done good.

Albrighton - 6 - Not quite flowing.

I thought the referee was awful - regardless of whether he got the sending off right, he was very poor throughout.

I thought Houllier's waving was hilarious.

I liked "ten men, we've only got ten men" followed by us telling Blackburn, "ten fans, you've only got ten fans."

I thought Hoilet and Samba looked good for them, but considering this was their strongest team and they're eighth in the league, I wasn't particularly impressed.

Good to see us continue our recent good form and beat these with a starting eleven that was missing around eight players - this is as deep a squad as we've ever had.

That cold wind was evil.

Hereford at home in the next round please.

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We played well, played some good possession football without creating that many chances on the deck. Funnily enough, all the goals came from crosses. Bannan combined well with Pires and NRC was busy and did well. Delphouneso did well enough playing wide-ish and Gabby did ok on the left considering, look more of a threat than in recent games. Defence played pretty well, had a few dicey moments but no bad mistakes, Clark and Cuellar were solid enough. Walker always looked capable of doing something going forward, but made a few silly errors he wont be happy about, luckily not in dangerous positions. Baker did well till his red card, looked strong and pit a good cross in for Delphouneso's goal. Heskey did ok but was well shackled by Samba in 2nd half.

Friedel - 7

Baker - 6

Clark - 7

Cuellar - 7

Walker - 7

NRC - 8

Bannan - 8

Pires - 7

Gabby - 6

Delphouneso - 7

Heskey - 6

Downing - 7

MOTM - Bannan

There we go, everything you needed to know about today's game ;)

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Bannan and Reo-Coker absolutely dominated the midfield. Walker was dangerous, he's so direct with the ball and it looked as though he should have had a free kick right on the edge of the box after a 50 run beating 3 men but ref gave nothing. he also seemed to give baker a red for the reaction of the blackburn bench more than anything, very poor that he was so influenced so easily.

cracking goal from Bob Pires - look out for it on the highlights later!

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Just back from the game. Was bloody freezing, but generally a good performance. I sit in Trinity Upper, and to be fair, it looked like a bad challenge from Baker but I haven't seen it back yet. Felt sorry for him though as he played well, and the ref was probably influenced by being so close to the Blackburn bench and them going ballistic.

Thought NRC, Bannan and Cuellar all had great games. Walker has some great moments, but sometimes gives the ball away unnecessarily. No real problem today though as Blackburn were terrible with (I think) their full strength team.

Good to see the fans engaging with GH, even if he did need to be told to wave. He'll get there.

All in all, pretty pleased. Good that we can still win (against a team doing well at the moment) with rotating the squad. I worry that we won't get that much further without Bent though - he really does make a massive difference from what I've seen so far, both when we're attacking and defending.

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Good win today. I'm really pleased with this confidence boosting unbeaten run that we are on. I was abit disappointed that Makoun wasn't involved. This would have been a great chance to get another 45-60 mins of English football under his belt. We still looked fairly comfortable when we went down to ten men. The main thing is we are in the draw for the next round.

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